Top Amazon Product Categories in 2023

So you want to start an Amazon business this year but aren’t sure which products you want to sell. Don’t sweat one bit! Most people encounter this dilemma when selling online, and you can easily address it by doing detailed research. Each year, different Amazon product categories experience high demand due to consumer trends and shifting buyer behaviors.

As a first-time seller, you want to uncomplicate the process of starting your business. By tapping into the potential of in-demand products, you can get a solid idea of which items you should start selling on Amazon. Once you get your foot in the front door, you can begin sourcing products that you prefer and market them to your target audience.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top Amazon product categories in 2023 that offer great potential for sales and profits!

Category #1: Tools and Home Improvement

DIY enthusiasts are rising, and so is the demand for tools and home improvement products. This category is a current top performer on Amazon and experts predict it will grow at 4.37% within the 2023-2030 timeframe.

From power and hand tools to plumbing and electrical equipment, these products are a must-have for avid DIYers looking to take on their first home improvement project. Products that place a strong emphasis on reliability, safety, and sustainability will prove to be in high demand, as consumers hone in on adopting the zero-waste lifestyle.

Paint products like self-painting kits, tile refinishing kits, and roof coatings are worth selling on Amazon as people look to renovate their homes. Look at the tools and home improvement category to find inspiration on products you can add to your store.

Category #2: Toys and games

Toys and games dominate nearly every online marketplace because of the consistent demand. Educational and movie-themed toys show great potential within this category as they provide a combination of entertainment and value. As children continue to attend online schools, more and more parents are willing to invest in toys that help improve their child’s cognitive skills.

Amazon released a “Toys We Love” list last year for kids of all ages, indicating the popularity and demand for these types of products. One trick to generating more sales is to look for trending toys. Kids often desire their favorite toys based on upcoming animated movies, and if you happen to find a product related to big-time films, you can expect heavy demand from consumers.

Category #3: Electronics

In this day and age where technology rules our daily lives, electronic products are becoming a must-have for your average consumer. Smart home appliances, in particular, have enjoyed great success over the past few years as homes and businesses look to adapt modern technology to improve productivity and maximize convenience.

Smart home devices like speakers, LED lamps, and security cameras are great choices to add to your Amazon store. Alexa-connected devices are also worth exploring such as thermostats, switches, and plugs offer amazing value consumers will love as they’re capable of voice control functions.

Category #4: Sports and Outdoors

With people following up on their New Year’s resolutions, expect products in the Sports and Outdoors category to be in demand for the better half of 2023. Fitness products like hydration flasks, resistance bands, watches, and yoga mats are a must-have in your inventory, as many people consider these essential when starting their fitness journey.

Of course, you can’t go wrong by stocking on athleisure wear like moisture-wicking shirts, sweatpants, and shorts. When searching for products within this category, you want to start with the basics and expand from there. You can even target a specific niche like hiking, cycling, and camping, as these products tend to have fewer competitors.

Category #5: Home and Kitchen

This list wouldn’t be complete without products in the home and kitchen categories. Items here are very profitable due to higher sell-through and diverse product selections compared to other categories. Air purifiers, electric heaters, and evaporative coolers can significantly increase the quality of living in homes, thus generating high demand.

You can also tap into kitchen and dining products like foam makers, air fryers, and portable blenders. Lastly, you want to take advantage of seasonal decor products to generate high-volume sales.

Category #6: Video games

The gaming industry has made big leaps over the past three years, as both millennials and Gen-Z spent increased time playing video games. Today, the video game market value is expected to balloon to $268.8 billion in 2025, signaling the demand for all things video game-related.

Surprisingly, the top-selling products within this category are barely hardware-related. Gift cards for Playstation, Roblox, Xbox, and Nintendo are top-rated among gamers and are the most commonly bought video game items on Amazon.

You can also expand on peripherals like gaming headsets, mice, keyboards, and even VR headsets to attract a wider audience.

Category #7: Camera and photo

Products in the camera and photo category enjoy plenty of success as people look to immortalize precious moments in their daily lives. Wifi-enabled cameras, instant cameras, and indoor security cameras are some products worth adding to your store. Photography accessories are also aplenty with lighting domes, tripods, and flashes fueling the content creation of Gen-Z.

You can start by selling consumable photography products like films to ensure consistent sales. While people prefer going digital nowadays, there are still plenty of photography enthusiasts that prefer film over digital cameras, and this is an area where you can generate plenty of sales.

Category #8: Clothing, shoes, and jewelry

Fashion trends come in waves, and Amazon knows how to take advantage of it after it became the leading fashion retailer in the United States. Popular brands like Michael Kors, New Balance, and GoodTHREADS lead Amazon’s virtual storefront. Take a look at these brands and see which products fit the style/preferences of your target audience.

When selling clothing, shoes, and jewelry, having multiple options is always a great idea. That way, your customers can find the exact fit and style within your store.


Finding the right products to sell for your new Amazon business can be quite challenging, but when armed with solid information, you can make sound choices on which products you should sell to your audience. Consider exploring the Amazon product categories mentioned in this article to get an idea of products that have good potential and high profitability.

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