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Fast, experienced and professional due diligence so you know exactly what you are getting into BEFORE you invest your energy, time and money!

The Best Way To Ensure You Buy the Right Business at the Right Price!

Why Pay for Due Diligence? Here's Why:

This is just one of countless examples. Don't wait until AFTER you buy the business to find out if something's wrong - find out now so you can make a smart decision BEFORE you buy!

This example is obviously a small one, but the difference in claims versus actual is pretty telling. We typically work on deals with price targets from $250K to $10M and the average range is $500K to $5M with an SDE typically ranging from $100K to $3M.

We review all of the following in our financial assessment of the deal: bank statements, tax returns, payroll reports, aging reports, cash and accrual basis financial reports, general ledgers, the SDE and add backs claimed, the assets that will convey, the deal terms and anything else we can get our hands on!

A Handful of Recent Reviews:

Who Is CapForge?

My name is Matt Remuzzi and I am the owner of CapForge Inc. I am in a unique position because I have been a successful business broker for years AND I have been doing small business accounting, bookkeeping and valuations for years.

I have also personally been in this position- I signed a personal guarantee for a large SBA loan when I acquired a catering business myself back in 2004. I bought it, grew it and then sold it in 2007.

I know what those sleepless nights and sweaty palms are like right before and right after the deal closes and when you first get handed over the keys! I understand because I've been exactly where you are now trying to figure out if I dive in or run away!

So I don't look at the process as a CPA or as a lawyer would - I look at it as an entrepreneur would - is there an opportunity here to get into a great business and if so at what price? I look at every deal as if I was the buyer- would I invest or not? I have over 20 years of small business experience and have worked with thousands of business owners over the years. I look forward to working with you as well and helping you figure out if the investment you are considering is everything you are hoping for!

Common Questions:

  • q-iconHow Much Is the Service?

    The price is based on the size, complexity and amount of time required to review the business in depth and be able to come to a reliable and accurate conclusion. The range is $2,500 to $12,500 with the average being $5,500. As the business get more complex and it requires rebuilding financial statements, etc. the price can scale up. We always provide a fixed, flat rate quote prior to starting any project, so there are never any surprises.

  • q-iconWho Does the Analysis?

    The reviews are primarily done by me (Matt) but I also have a fantastic staff in place to help me with some of the leg work. They have been trained by me and follow all the same processes I’ve developed over the years so you always get top notch results.

  • q-iconHow Does It Work?

    Give us a call to get started. Once you are signed up, simply send over the docs to us that we ask for and we’ll proceed with the analysis. If needed we may ask some follow up questions. Once complete you will get the full results of our work as well as a phone call review.

  • q-iconHow Long is the Turnaround Time?

    The typical project takes ten business days, but that time frame starts from when we get all the needed documents from you. The time is also contingent on how quickly we get responses to follow up questions. Generally we can work pretty quickly as long as we get the info we need to keep the project moving forward. We work fast because we have the process down to a science and a dedicated staff to make the grunt work part of it easier.

  • q-iconI Still Have Questions!

    Great- we love questions and think the more you ask the more you’ll see why we are a terrific choice for due diligence! Please give us a call (858-633-3573) or email us (info@capforge.com) and we can address any and all questions you’ve got before you do anything else!

  • q-iconWill You Tell Me to Buy or Not?

    Our recommendations are much more complete than “Buy” or “Don’t Buy!” We may recommend buying at a lower price, offering different conditions or financing, or even how much you can afford to pay over the asking price if the deal is that good! We aim to take a holistic look at the overall opportunity, not just to verify the historical numbers or “approve” or “refute” the current valuation. At the end of the process you should have a very good feel for the risk vs the opportunity. 

  • q-iconHow Does the Guarantee Work?

    It’s simple- if at the end of our process you don’t feel like you got your money’s worth then let us know and we will refund your entire fee on the spot. You risk nothing when you sign up with us- either you get exactly what you came for or it doesn’t cost you a penny.

  • q-iconI'm Interested But Not Ready Yet

    No problem! Jut keep us in the loop as you work through your search. Once you find the business you want to submit and offer on and are ready to start the due diligence process, we’ll be here ready to jump in and get started. 

  • q-iconDo You Do Franchise Businesses?

    Yes! If you are considering buying an existing franchise business we can definitely help you with the due diligence and doing so is a great idea- not all franchises are good deals! If you are considering a new franchise location startup, we can help with that as well, just give us a call.

  • q-iconHow Do I Get Started?

    Simply give us a call! We can take care of the everything needed over the phone. If it’s after business hours, leave us a message or email info@capforge.com and we’ll get back to you right away.

Ready? More Questions? Call Us: 858-633-3573

I stumbled upon CapForge in a Google search. After speaking to Matt I felt confident that they would be a good fit for me. I would highly recommend Matt and CapForge.

Heidi McGilvary

Expertise, Service & Value The CapForge team has become an incredible asset to our quickly growing business. I had interviewed a number of firms prior to choosing CapForge because of their high level of skill, service, and availability to answer my questions. I highly recommend their services.


5 Stars! Matt is very personable and business friendly. He helps you understand complex terms and uses plain English to explain your options. We feel he totally understands small business and we are looking forward to working with him more as we grow.

Joanne & Erik Valentine

Matt is great! He is patient, knowledgeable and is very good at explaining not only what to do, but why it should be done. I highly recommend him!

Catherine Nervig

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