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10 Best Amazon Seller Blogs of 2020


If you want to be at the top of your game as an Amazon seller, you’ll need to keep up with the latest news, trends, tools, solutions, and strategies. Blogs are an excellent way to stay informed, but of course, not all blogs are created equal.

In an effort to find the cream of the crop, we analyzed dozens of Amazon seller blogs and came up with a list of our top 10. Keep scrolling to learn more about each and why they’re worth reading.

1. CapForge

Oh, hey! Check it out. We’re number one on our own list. Imagine that!

Call it shameless self-promotion, but our Amazon seller blog is pretty rad if we may say so ourselves. On a serious note, our articles are worth reading because we approach the topic of e-commerce from an angle most other blogs don’t: from an accountant’s perspective. 

For example, we recently wrote a piece titled LLC or S Corp: Which is Better for Ecommerce / Amazon Sellers? that helps merchants weigh the pros and cons of each entity. We also did a piece on the Best & Worst Bookkeeping Software for Amazon Sellers, which is a niche topic that most other bloggers are not qualified to write about. 

With that being said, we are not the be-all and end-all of Amazon seller blogs, which is why we encourage you to explore the other options listed below.

2. The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula is an online training course that teaches Amazon sellers how to make a six- to seven-figure income using a method called Reverse Sourcing Wholesale, a strategy pioneered by founders Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors.

We don’t blame you for being skeptical. After all, there are a lot of Amazon seller courses that read like get-rich-quick schemes. But these guys are the real deal, and we know because we work with them on a regular basis.

But we’re not here to sell you on their training course. We’re here to encourage you to take advantage of the FREE advice they offer on their blog. Use it to build your foundation of knowledge, and if you want to learn more, then you can invest in their training course.

3. Helium 10

Another company we’ve had the pleasure of working with is Helium 10, a software company that provides tools that help sellers identify trends, find high ranking keywords, optimize products listing, and spy on competitors.

FYI: they did not pay us to write this article. The only reason we think our working relationship is worth mentioning is because it allows us to attest to their credibility and professionalism. We’re selective about who we partner with, and we would never recommend a blog run by a company with a bad reputation.

As far as content goes, Helium 10’s blog covers a broad range of topics, from crafting a business with handmade products to how to scale your business with inventory management. Makes sense; they offer a wide variety of tools so they cover a wide variety of topics. 

4. Seller Labs

Another reputable source of information is Seller Labs, a software company that provides cloud-based applications and services to Amazon sellers. While we’ve never worked with them directly, we did read plenty of reviews and testimonials before we included them in our list.

Much like Helium 10, they cover a broad range of topics, which makes them an excellent reference for news, events, resources, and more.

5. The Selling Family

The backstory behind The Selling Family is inspiring.

It began when Jessica Larrew lost her job during the 2008 recession. At the time, it was devastating blow, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for that’s what led her to take charge of her financial future by becoming an Amazon seller.

In less than a year, her Amazon business was doing so well that her husband Cliff decided to quit his day job so he could work from home too. The career change allowed the couple to make more money than they ever did at their day jobs, plus it afforded them more time to spend with their son, Aiden. 

Jessica and Cliff want others to know that they can enjoy a similar lifestyle, which is why the duo created a blog to help guide sellers along their journey.

6. RepricerExpress

One of the more frustrating aspects of being an Amazon seller is constantly readjusting your prices in order to stay competitive. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that. 

RepricerExpress offers a repricing software tool that will automatically adjust your prices so you don’t have to spend countless hours doing it yourself. Best of all, it works ‘round the clock, 24/7, giving you an edge over other sellers.

You’ll find their blog particularly helpful if you’re searching for articles on pricing and sourcing. While they cover other topics as well, this is what they’re known for.

8. JungleScout

At this point, it’s hard to find an Amazon seller who hasn’t heard of JungleScout because, well, they’re everywhere.

For a company that was founded in 2015, it’s impressive how much JungleScout has grown in the span of just five years. Marketing is part of the reason they’re so well-known, sure, but a lot of it is the simple fact that they fulfilled a need by building an all-in-one platform solution.

Included in their all-in-one platform solution is multiple tools that can help sellers optimize their listings, source suppliers, manage inventory, and more. Visit their blog and you can find content related to each tool they offer. 

8. Full-Time FBA

Full-Time FBA is run by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman, a husband-and-wife power couple with a goal of helping you turn your part-time Amazon business into a full-time career. Their primary (and preferred) method of helping you achieve that milestone is through their paid training courses, but again, we encourage you to take advantage of the free stuff before you pay anything out of pocket.

Of all the blogs we mentioned thus far, Full-Time FBA is by far one of the most active, with new articles posted 2-3 times per week. In an industry that’s rapidly evolving and changing, it’s nice to know that you can trust Full-Time FBA to deliver you the latest updates.

9. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job is a website run by Steve and Jennifer Chou, another power couple that found success in opening an online store. However, unlike the other couples we’ve mentioned thus far, Steve and Jennifer were actually doing quite well for themselves prior to starting their own business. 

Both are college educated and held high-paying corporate jobs. There was just one issue: they weren’t happy. Neither felt fulfilled in their careers, and after Jennifer became pregnant with their first child, she resolved to quit her $100k per year job so she could be a full-time mom. In an effort to replace her six-figure salary, they launched Bumblebee Linens, an online store that sells handkerchiefs and fabrics for special occasions. Within one year, they had successfully replaced Jennifer’s income. 

Want to know more about how they did it? Check out their blog. With over 275,000 monthly readers, it’s easily one of the most popular blogs in the industry.

10. eComEngine

Yes, they’re a software company and yes, they’d love it if you purchased their tools and services. But the only thing we’re trying to sell you on here is their free blog. Well… and their free ebooks!

Yep, you read that right. Not only does eComEngine publish short blog posts packed with all sorts of information and advice, they also have longer-form ebooks that cover more complex subjects. And did we mention that it’s FREE?

Another thing you may want to take advantage of is their webinars. Each presentation features one or more industry experts who can help you take your business to the next level.

Closing Thoughts

One thing we really want to reiterate before wrapping up is that you should never rely on a single source of information. Not only do different blogs cover different topics, but they also offer varying opinions and suggestions. Exposing yourself to several different perspectives will provide you with a holistic view of the industry that will help you become a better seller.

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