You don’t want to guess how much your bookkeeping is going to cost each month, or have to pay extra for a slow typist, fixing errors or just because you had a few more sales than usual- and we don’t make you!

To give you an idea, our prices start at $95/month and our average client pays $180 a month for bookkeeping. Many are lower, and a few are quite a bit higher, which skews the average up.

For payroll, we are a LOT lower than some of the big name firms like ADP and Paychex and we can do everything they can do. Our payroll starts at $35/month, including one employee, and then $10 a month for each additional employee. Direct deposit is included free.

Other services are entirely dependent on your needs and are quoted individually.

All our services are performed on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly what it will cost each month. We will give you an exact quote for the work before you start, and firm deadlines for getting it done. Our agreement is done in writing and spells everything out so you know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost.

If there are changes to be made, you have questions or other things come up, the price won’t change.

Every Job is Individually Quoted

Our prices are most often for monthly work, but we can do quarterly, and we can do weekly. We can also do one off projects, and we can offer all or just some of our services- each job is individually assessed and quoted.

The price you pay depends on a number of factors, including the volume of transactions, type of transactions, number of accounts, type of entity, the level of involvement on your side, etc. Most clients are paying less for their bookkeeping than for their cell phone plans, if that gives you an idea!

Regardless of the price, our focus is to provide high value, so that you know you are getting professional work done you can trust and you can instead spend your time growing your business and doing the things you do best.

For an exact price for your job, just give us a call!

Even More Bookkeeping Pricing Info

Our prices reflect our business methodology. Please see the “how it works” section or the “bookkeeping questions” section to see how we work. Our prices stay low while our results and service are top notch precisely because of the way we maximize efficiency and the work flow. Or just give us a call for a complete overview of what we can do for you!

1) There are two methods for recording COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). We can enter purchases as they happen, and the aggregate purchases for the month will be the COGS- this is the cash basis COGS report. This is less accurate per month but tends to be very accurate over time as ups and downs balance out. How we do this function (if your business requires it) will in part determine your cost.

Or, we can enter a starting inventory, classify all purchases during the month as inventory, and then subtract and ending inventory amount at the end of each month, to get an exact cost of goods sold amount per month. This is accurate each month, but requires an inventory be done on the last day of each month (or each week if you prefer) consistently.

2) We will correct any error discovered at any time for any work we have done at no cost. If we cannot determine how to correct an error and it was our fault we will refund the entire service fee for the month it occurred. If any adjustment(s) needs to be made to get in compliance with any tax or accounting requirements not already met, we will make those changes at no cost.

3) For basic payroll, we will enter the payroll amounts at the time they are deducted by the payroll company in whatever split they offer (between worker types, taxes, payroll service cost, etc.). For advanced payroll, we will split the labor cost by type of employee (front of house, back of house, management, owner) as well as split it by time period, so if one pay period covers work in two months, we will split the expense accordingly into those two months to allow for more accurate labor expense tracking. If we do full service payroll for you, then the cost is dependent on the number of employees you have. There is no extra charge for pay frequency or direct deposit.

Catch Up Work

If your books are a little or a lot behind, we can get them caught up for you in addition to providing ongoing service. To determine a price for that work, just give us a call and we can provide an estimate and let you know what we would need to give you an exact quote and an exact deadline for getting it done.