Bookkeeping For Startups

Starting A Business?

Are you in the process of getting a business started? We can help.

We can offer the following services:

  • Expense tracking and proper classification of startup expenses so you don’t miss any deductions later
  • Set up of payroll service for BEFORE you bring on your first employees
  • Consulting on sales tax, business licenses, business entity formation to best suit your situation
  • Set up of regular bookkeeping service so you start off on the right foot from day one
  • Help with projections for sales, startup expenses, labor cost and operating expenses so you will have a realistic plan for getting to break even
  • Consultation on getting terms with vendors
  • Consultation on best practices for banking, leases, loans and lines of credit
  • Help setting up a merchant account

Any other questions about getting started? Just email or call and we will help with whatever we can!