Amazon Seller Bookkeeping Book is Now Live on Kindle!

After hitting just over 100 Amazon seller clients I felt like we were pretty well qualified to write a book on how to do bookkeeping for Amazon sellers! We have mostly FBA private label sellers, but also a good mix of wholesale, retail arbitrage and multi-channel sellers we work with.

Very few other accounting firms seem to have much experience with this, and some people want to do it themselves, or at least understand it well enough on their own even if they aren’t doing it that a book seemed like a good idea.

It took a long time to write, and I had to redo many of the original screenshots when QuickBooks changed all their menus, but it finally got done!

If after reading it, there are suggestions for improvements, additional pointers or any other feedback, I’d be happy to hear it! I hope it helps people out who are looking for Amazon bookkeeping. And if you’d rather not tackle it yourself, I’d be happy to help with that as well! πŸ™‚

ET52- How to Achieve Big Goals with Finish Line Thinking

Success Coach And Performance Expert Nicky Billou

plan writingYou can’t win the race if you don’t know where the finish line is or the hurdles you have to clear to get there! Performance expert Nicky Billou shares some of his tips for getting the most out of everything you do and how to work on setting goals, outperforming your expectations and reaching real milestones in business and in life.

If you want more- more growth, more sales, more profits or just more wins in life, Nicky has the plan to get there. It was a great conversation with some real practical tips for achieving success that anyone can put into place immediately. Continue reading

ET51- How to Scale Fast the Right Way with Vinnie Fisher

Hiring The Right Team And Building For Growth Is Key

plan writingAs a true serial entrepreneur and an “entrepreneur facilitator” Vinnie Fisher knows how to grow big companies from the ground up and how to pick the right people along the way. He is an advocate of outsourcing the things that aren’t core to your business, hiring for alignment of values rather than for skills and letting the team build the processes the business needs to succeed.

Successful leaders know how to get the right people in the right place and then get out of the way. The ones that struggle are the ones who won’t delegate and have to micromanage everything. It was an interesting lesson in fast growth and scaling who has the track record to back up everything he is espousing on the show! Continue reading

ET50- Finding Your Voice and Your Brand

And Flipping The Gratitude Switch With Kevin Clayson

plan writingThere is no shortage of competition in the small business world and being able to stand out is a constant challenge. If you are a small business selling something that many others in your area also sell the challenge can be compounded that much further.

In today’s podcast I chat with Kevin who digs in deep on how to break out of the mold and find your own voice. He also talks about how to flip the gratitude switch, the subject of his new book. This is a new way of dealing with employees, customers, vendors and even friends and family that will vastly improve your interactions and the way they in turn react and treat you back. Powerful stuff from an experienced entrepreneur! Continue reading

ET49- Creating an Ecommerce Business from a Food Hobby

How a Homemade Gift Turned Into an Online Business Empire!

plan writingI learned a lot in this episode, including how bad commercial salt is for you and how a hostess gift idea sparked a thriving coast to coast e-commerce business selling specialty foods.

I had no notion such a product even existed but Kimarie Santiago not only makes her own but has gotten so many people enchanted with her product it can now be found in restaurants, food stores and even in an online meal delivery service. The story of how she got started, the steps she took to build a brand and start selling and where she is going in the future are all covered.

I love this story and especially because, like so many great food stories, it starts with selling at a farmer’s market- the original entrepreneur launching ground! Continue reading

ET48- Making Millions from Scratch in Multiple Verticals

How Serial Entrepreneur Andrea Lake Maximizes Her Mentor Relationships

plan writingMaking a million dollars in one business is amazing. Making millions of dollars in multiple industries makes you a true rock star of entrepreneurship!

Andrea Lake is a rock star. Even better, she is happy to share her secrets. Secret one is to find someone who has already achieved the kind of success in your industry that you want, get them to mentor you and then shut up and listen. Learn like a sponge, follow the same path and pretty soon you too can be sitting pretty.

And even better, once you know this formula, just like Andrea, you can apply it to all different kinds of businesses and repeat your success over and over. Just be sure you in turn are willing to give a hand up to those coming behind! Continue reading

ET47- Bootstrapping From Product Idea to Global Sales

How to Plan, Launch, Grow and Profit From Your Own Product Idea

plan writing I love this story because it is such a pure tale of coming up with a brainstorm for an idea one day and turning it into a product and turning that into a product line and then continuing on to a type of success orders of magnitude greater than ever imagined.

Noah of did just and tells us exactly how in this episode. He came up with his own design, found a factory to make it and built it from there into a large and now globally reaching brand across three related niches.

It is an inspiring story, all the more so because it features an accidental entrepreneur and one who did it all on his own. Continue reading

ET46- Branding for Fast Growth and Premium Pricing

How to Find the Voice of Your Business and Cash In On It

plan writingThere is a ton of competition in just about every niche out there and the only way to stand out and get seen and heard is to differentiate yourself by owning a small segment of the market you’re in.

In my conversation with Greg we cover how to find that voice and figure out how to stick out from the crowd in a way that is going to make the key difference for your business. If you own a certain niche in the minds of your customers not only will you grow faster and find it easier to attract new customers but you will also not have to compete on price and you won’t be as vulnerable to new competition coming into the space.

Any business can do it you just have to make the effort to discover what yours is going to be. Continue reading

ET45- Making Passive Income from Your Expertise

How to Take What You Know, Educate Online and Profit

plan writing Sometimes the path to being an entrepreneur is smooth but most of the time it has ups and downs and some pretty scary failures along the way. Stephanie Nickolich knows how that goes.

She went into big debt in trying to start her first venture but bailed herself out by finding a great mentor and learning how to do it the right way. But she didn’t stop there- she took what she learned and leveraged it into a way to help others turn their passion and expertise into valuable educational products they could then sell online to the benefit of all. She’s got a great story and it a perfect demonstration of how persistence is one of the most important qualities in any entrepreneur. That, and finding a great mentor! Continue reading

ET44- Making Millions with a Tool for Facebook

How AdEspresso Improved the Facebook Ad Process and Cashed in Doing It

plan writingStarting a great business is as simple as identifying a pain point in the market and stepping in to provide a compelling solution.

In the case of Armando and AdEspresso, it just so happened the pain point they found was part of the billion user Facebook phenomenon and as a result their sales took off like the rocket they strapped themselves onto. He shares with the process they went through sa well as some gret tactical Facebook advertising tips and why it can be such a great platform for building any business as long as you understand it and use it the right way.

We also covered his path to being a founder, content marketing and general entrepreneurship topics in a fun and informative thirty minutes. Continue reading