Online Payroll Services

CapForge Payroll Overview

Labor cost is very often one of the biggest components in managing your business’ costs and profitability and tracking it is a crucial part of your small business accounting. If you already have a payroll service set up, we will use their reports to:

  • Verify correct payroll deposits are being withdrawn
  • Verify payroll tax amounts are being properly withdrawn
  • Split payroll costs into as many job function areas as you want
  • Adjust payroll deposits to align with monthly costs (for example, if a paycheck covers the last week of one month and first week of the next, we will split it to show half and half on the books)

If you don’t have payroll set up, or it doesn’t differentiate employees by type, we can help you get it set up and tracking correctly so you can use it effectively. We can provide full service payroll at very competitive rates for any size business.

Our full service payroll includes direct deposit free, all reporting, payroll tax deposits, a portal you can log in to report hours and get paystubs, etc. and our prices are often half of what ADP or Paychex charges for the same service. It starts at $59/month for 1-3 employees and costs just $10 more for each additional employee. We do everything and all you have to do is report hours, or not even that if you are on salary!