Our Bookkeeping Process

If you are looking for simple and painless bookkeeping you came to the right place! We work hard to make it easy for you- that’s the whole goal!

Here’s all you need to do:

  • You write checks as needed
  • Provide us with access to your statement info (5 minutes of work, or in many cases ZERO minutes, depending on your bank’s account delegation availability)

That’s it! We can do the rest.

You: write checks, send info. We do the rest!

More Details

OK – want a little more detail? Here it is:


Using Checks

You just write them as you normally would or have whoever normally does it for you keep doing it.

We can also show you how to set up online bill pay for almost anything you would write a check for to make it even easier to manage. We can also show you how to have all your bills come to you online already scanned in and ready to review and pay – technology really does make some things a lot easier!


Using Cash

We will explain how to easily track that in the same register we give you for the checks.

What to do with all the receipts, invoices, bills and other junk?

We give you a super simple and foolproof filing system to use in the event anyone ever needs to see that stuff. We don’t need to see it and we don’t need you to send it to us!


Providing Us With Access to Your Info​

This depends on you and your bank and credit card companies but the preferred method is for banks that offer “view only” access (such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, etc.) you add us as a view only user so we can get the statements, downloads and transactions ourselves. This only requires you to do this once, although you maintain full control at all times over our access and we can only see activity, we can’t move funds, pay bills or do anything else to effect your balance.  Some credit card companies also offer this type of access (Amex, Capital One) but many do not.

The second option is for you to go online and download the statements as electronic files and send them to us. This only takes a few minutes, but needs to be done every month.

Bottom Line

When we get started, we will review everything with you and make sure you understand your part and how to do it and how to make it as simple as possible. We will work with you to make sure we are doing as much on our side as we can to minimize your efforts in getting the books done each month or week.

And if you ever have questions, need help or something changes, just let us know and we can help.

* The online bill scan function uses a third party service not affiliated with us but used and recommended by us where applicable.