ET45- Making Passive Income from Your Expertise

How to Take What You Know, Educate Online and Profit

plan writing Sometimes the path to being an entrepreneur is smooth but most of the time it has ups and downs and some pretty scary failures along the way. Stephanie Nickolich knows how that goes.

She went into big debt in trying to start her first venture but bailed herself out by finding a great mentor and learning how to do it the right way. But she didn’t stop there- she took what she learned and leveraged it into a way to help others turn their passion and expertise into valuable educational products they could then sell online to the benefit of all. She’s got a great story and it a perfect demonstration of how persistence is one of the most important qualities in any entrepreneur. That, and finding a great mentor! Continue reading

ET44- Making Millions with a Tool for Facebook

How AdEspresso Improved the Facebook Ad Process and Cashed in Doing It

plan writingStarting a great business is as simple as identifying a pain point in the market and stepping in to provide a compelling solution.

In the case of Armando and AdEspresso, it just so happened the pain point they found was part of the billion user Facebook phenomenon and as a result their sales took off like the rocket they strapped themselves onto. He shares with the process they went through sa well as some gret tactical Facebook advertising tips and why it can be such a great platform for building any business as long as you understand it and use it the right way.

We also covered his path to being a founder, content marketing and general entrepreneurship topics in a fun and informative thirty minutes. Continue reading

ET43- Hyper Growth With Smart SEO and Content Marketing

How to Build an Endless Supply of Lead With a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

plan writingIn the old days SEO was easy and pay per click ads were cheap. I miss the old days. Now, things are different and if you want to have a great supply of interested and ready to buy leads you need a content marketing strategy to funnel people into your site.

Fortunately, there are experts like Eric Siu who can help make sense of all the options and come up with an overall strategy that will help your business without sucking up all your time. I came away a lot smarter from my conversation and with a much more focused to do list for my own content marketing efforts and I’m sure you will, too. Continue reading

ET42- Launching Digital Magazines w/Margaret Brown

How to Find A Platform, Audience and More In The Digital Content World

plan writingAfter a long successful career in the print magazine publishing world Margaret Brown decided to go out on her own and the obvious way to do that was in the digital world.

It is almost impossible to start a new print magazine without huge funding and a long runway to wait for profits but in the digital world the opposite it true- you can launch cheaply and survive with a much smaller audience because of the vastly different economics. That doesn’t mean it’s easy though!

I had a great conversation about the challenges of finding a platform, a business model and keeping it all going through rapid growth and the addition of more and more editions. Continue reading

ET41- Health and Profits with Online Fitness Business

How Entrepreneurs Get a Better ROI From Investing in Their Own Fitness

plan writingYou can do your best work if you don’t feel your best and studies have shown that working out is a good way to increase your business’ ROI even as you spend less hours at the office.

Brandon Epstein has taken these lessons to heart and with a partner started a company to help teach entrepreneurs and business owners the science of getting fit to benefit both themselves and their businesses. And it’s more than just a regime of healthy eating and lifting weight- his whole approach is to help people become better connected with themselves so they can put the best version of themselves forward.

He is a big believer in mediation and finding your right path- and then charging up it full speed! Continue reading

ET35- How to Set Pricing for Your Business

Prices are a big deal- here’s how to get it right

ScreenShot011In this episode of Questions and Rants, I go over the different pricing decisions business owners face and what it takes to succeed with a high and low price point as well as how framing the value of your solution is the way to charge more than just cost plus pricing or doing it by the amount of hours it takes.

Price isn’t a number- it’s about how much value you are providing compared to the cost of the problem the customer needs to resolve. Continue reading

ET34- Authorpreneurship w/Sharon Jenkins

Making Your Business From Books Or Adding A Book to Your Biz

plan writingBeing an author can be a business in itself, or you can add being an author to the business you already have. Either way, it’s a mark of success and credibility to be an author and these days it’s easier than ever to hit that milestone.

Sharon and I discuss the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur and how books and being an authorpreneur can be an end unto itself for independent minded people. Plus we cover some social media marketing tips and other topics on top of it and hear how Sharon discovered her own passion and finally took action to make it her reality. Continue reading

ET33- How to Capitalize on the Internet of Things

With IOT Strategist Kevin and The Hot Opportunities Right Now

ScreenShot011The Internet of Things is what lets dumb tech become smart tech. This is happening right now and the examples people are familiar with, such as the fridge that tells you when to buy milk, are only the tip of the iceberg and not even very good examples of what is possible or likely to be truly transformational.

In this interview Kevin, an expert in helping businesses move into the space outlines some huge opportunities that are ready right now for major growth and exploitation by smart entrepreneurs and visionary companies. Not sure what to start- check out this episode for some definitive ideas of where tech is going and how to be part of cashing in. Continue reading

ET32- Beating the Competition With Service

Attention to Detail Is How You Win With Service

ScreenShot011Lots of small business seem the same and are more or less the same- until it comes to service.

If you can deliver amazing service to your clients you are going to stand out, be able to charge more, get more referrals and generally do a lot better than your ho-hum competitors.

In my chat with Vance Morris he gives some very specific examples and tactics of how business owners can use amazing service and a wow experience to make their businesses stand out from the crowd and leave the competition in the dust. Continue reading