One-Click Checkout: Why Your Business Needs It

Imagine this scenario if you haven’t implemented one-click checkout in your business. A customer wants to purchase a product from your website. They add a product to their cart, fill in their billing info, and enter their shipping details. But before they can checkout the item, they must register with an account first! Frustrated, the customer abandons their cart and shops on another website.

The long and arduous checkout process resulted in a potential sale gone. It’s a common theme on many websites that fail to optimize their checkout flow, thus affecting their ability to generate revenue. So, how can you address the issue and ensure your customers follow through with their buying intent?

The answer is to simplify the buying experience. With a single click, customers can fill in all the necessary details on a single page and complete their orders quickly. Forget about unnecessary steps like account registration and focus on how you can simplify the checkout process for your customers.

This article will discuss why your business needs one-click checkout so you can create a frictionless shopping experience and generate more revenue for your business.

How does one-click checkout work?

As the name suggests, one-click checkout is a payment process that uses a single page to process orders. Customers fill in the required information, and the payment processor stores their details for future purchases. It’s a simple yet effective solution for reducing cart abandonment rates as it eliminates the source of frustration for many online shoppers.

Customers value convenience when buying online, as 24% of customers don’t want to create an account during checkout. But the problem doesn’t stop there. Multi-page checkouts that suffer from slow page loading times can severely affect a customer’s shopping experience. That’s why optimizing your website for mobile and desktop devices is important to streamline the checkout process.

Should your business use a one-click checkout?

While one-click checkout may be ideal for all businesses, some can utilize it better than others. E-commerce giant Amazon first secured the patent in 1999, and it was only until 2017 that their exclusive rights expired. The platform is a great example of how one-click checkout works to their advantage since Amazon processes millions of packages a day.

If your business sells products in high volume, one-click checkout is a solution worth considering. Customers won’t get bogged down with unnecessary checkout steps, allowing you to process orders faster and secure more sales.

However, merchants that sell complex B2B solutions like materials and equipment may need to think twice before utilizing one-click checkout. In this situation, buyers purchase items with conscious effort and review each detail carefully before completing their order. Additional costs and shipping fees are the main cause of cart abandonment, and the last thing you want is for your customers to be surprised by unexpected costs.

That’s why transparency is crucial for any checkout process. Always disclose your sales policy and include all the additional costs on the checkout page for clarity.

What are the different one-click checkout solutions?

So you’re interested in offering one-click checkout, but you aren’t sure which system is right for you. Plenty of payment processors offer unique features that cater to businesses of all types and sizes. Let’s discuss the top one-click checkout solution available.

1. Shop Pay

Shop Pay is a checkout solution that lets businesses collect payments conveniently. The app is available to Shopify merchants and sellers on Facebook and Google. The intuitive user interface supports automatic cart filling, as customers can save their details on the app to speed up transactions.

Shop Pay One-Click Checkout

The great thing about Shop Pay is the boatload of features that come with it. Customers can take advantage of local pickup and delivery, giving them more options to complete their purchases. Participating merchants can also offer Shop Pay installments, allowing customers to break down their purchases into multiple payments.

Best of all, Shop Pay stores customer credentials on Shopify’s PCI-compliant servers, keeping their information safe and protected. Shop Pay is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a one-click checkout that’s proven and tested.

2. Facebook Pay

Facebook’s thriving marketplace led to the creation of Facebook Pay, an in-app payment solution that simplifies transactions for buyers and sellers. The app works across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, making it accessible for customers who frequently shop within these platforms.

Facebook Pay One-click Checkout

Customers enter their payment information, and the app saves their details for future purchases. When customers are ready to purchase an item, they enter a PIN or use biometrics to confirm the transaction. Since most users only need their Facebook accounts, online shopping within the app becomes much more efficient with Facebook Pay.

Facebook Pay is as secure as it gets when discussing payment solutions, as the app supports anti-fraud monitoring, data encryption, and payment verification.

3. Stripe Link

Stripe is one of the world’s most well-known payment service providers, and it’s no surprise they excel at implementing one-click checkout. Their Link app lets customers store information like credit card details and shipping addresses, which they can use to buy on websites that use Stripe.

Link One-click Checkout

When a customer is ready to pay, Link automatically fills in the information required using their saved details. An SMS code serves as authentication for the purchase, making it safe and secure for online shoppers. Customers can also manage their details through the Link app, where they can add multiple payment options, addresses, and more.

Stripe complies with stringent PCI DSS Level 1 standards, showing its commitment to protecting sensitive customer information. Like Shop Pay and Facebook Pay, Stripe Link can ease buying friction from e-commerce stores and help drive conversions.

4. Bolt

Bolt is on a mission to provide the fastest one-click checkout on mobile devices, and it’s safe to say they nailed it out of the park. Merchants of all sizes can take advantage of their one-click checkout by saving customer information for a truly one-touch buying experience.

Bolt One-click Checkout

An interesting feature of Bolt’s checkout solution is its approach to fraud detection. By analyzing behavioral data and relying on machine learning, Bolt can identify fraud accounts with a high degree of accuracy. It’s a great way to protect businesses from chargebacks and lost revenue, and it’s one of the main attractions that Bolt has to offer.

Bolt optimizes its one-click checkout for mobile browsing, ensuring fast load times and a more satisfying shopping experience. Lastly, Bolt’s checkout page is highly customizable, giving you a unique checkout page that matches your brand’s overall theme.

5. Bold Checkout

Building a frictionless shopping experience is Bold’s expertise, as they’re one of the top-rated one-click checkout solutions in the e-commerce space. What sets it apart from other checkout tools is its ability to deliver a tailor-made checkout experience. Their customizable pages help drive sales and conversions, thus meeting the needs of every consumer out there.

Bold One-click Checkout

Aside from speeding the buying process, Bold expands shopping beyond your website. You can use blogs, newsletters, product pages, and social media accounts to encourage prospects to buy through headless checkout. Pair that with a superb one-click solution, and you have a recipe for generating sales.


As more and more customers expect a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, it’s up to businesses to meet the needs and expectations of their target audience. One-click checkout delivers on the convenience aspect and helps reduce cart abandonment rates.

Hopefully, this article provides all the information you need on one-click checkout to find a solution that fits your brand’s overall theme and flow.

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