The Five Best Amazon Scanner Apps

Thanks to technological developments in the e-commerce space, sellers on Amazon can take advantage of tools that will help secure more profits for their business. One example is an Amazon scanner app, a tool that lets you find, source, and sell products with good profit margins.

The app works by scanning a product’s barcode through your smartphone and immediately pulls up relevant data like pricing, sales history, and more. An Amazon scanner app is a must-have for your business if you want to elevate your retail arbitrage and become more efficient at procuring products.

This article will discuss the best Amazon scanner apps available to help you pick one that meets your needs and preferences.

Why should you use an Amazon scanner app?

Retail arbitragers know how time-consuming it is to search for products manually. That’s why many sellers use an Amazon scanner app to speed up the process and obtain insightful data on the products they want to sell.

There are a handful of benefits to using an Amazon scanner app, and these are:

  • Pull product data straight from your phone – Making data-driven decisions is key to succeeding in retail arbitrage. By scanning the product’s barcode, you can view important metrics from your smartphone. These numbers will help you determine whether a product is worth sourcing and reselling for profit.
  • Sort profitable products quickly – The old-school way of sourcing products for retail arbitrage is to go through Amazon and compare prices from different sellers. Things have changed since then as scanner apps let you compare product prices with just a few taps.
  • Get an estimate of potential profit – Aside from knowing which products are profitable, an Amazon scanner app can give you a potential overview of how much profit you can earn. You can easily calculate your profit margins within seconds, giving you the power to see your ROI.
  • List products on Amazon straight from the app – Imagine discovering a profitable product and listing it immediately while you’re inside the store. Retail arbitragers use scanner apps, as convenience plays a major role in helping them list products quickly.
  • Determine if you’re eligible to sell the product – Nothing feels more frustrating than scouring through a store and looking at a profitable product, only to find out you’re not eligible to sell the item. By using an Amazon scanner app, you can determine which products you can list on Amazon right from your device.

What’s the best Amazon Scanner App?

With so many scanner apps available, it can be challenging to pick the right one for your business. To help you make an informed choice, we’ll break down the top Amazon scanner Apps and let you decide which one you should use.

1. Amazon Seller App

If you’re looking for a basic scanner app that does the job, you only need the Amazon Seller App. You get access to Seller Central at your fingertips, allowing you to see your sales numbers and scan barcodes on products. Sign in with your account, find a profitable product, scan it, and list it from the app in just a few steps.

Amazon Scanner Seller App
The Amazon Seller app offers a basic scanner that lets you find profitable products for free.

The app displays information like the product’s price, condition, profit estimation, and even Best Sellers rank upon scanning. Just tap the camera on the top right, and start scanning barcodes. The best part is that the free Amazon seller app makes it an ideal choice for beginner sellers who want to step up their product sourcing.

However, if metrics like sales rank history and average selling price matter to you, you may find the app a bit limited since it doesn’t offer insights on these numbers. It also requires an internet connection, so keep that in mind when downloading the Amazon Seller App.

2. Scoutify 2

Many Amazon sellers love Scoutify 2 because of its feature-rich package. You can integrate it with third-party apps like Keepa or camelcamelcamel to keep track of a product’s price history and sales rank. You can also access InventoryLab, a software that streamlines inventory management and simplifies product listing workflow.

Amazon Scanner Scoutify 2
Scoutify 2’s feature-packed offerings make it one of the most well-rounded Amazon scanner apps around.

Some of the advanced features include Ideal Buy, where Scoutify will signal a green thumbs-up button if they think the product meets your specific search criteria. The app also supports Bluetooth barcode scanning, which works twice as fast as camera scanning. Like the previous app, Scoutify 2 requires Wi-Fi or data to work.

Experienced sellers with plenty of moving inventory will find Scoutify 2 as the complete package for Amazon scanner apps. The only downside we can point out is that you need an InventoryLab subscription before using it. If you have a budget of $40 for the subscription and $49 for the app monthly, we highly recommend Scoutify 2.

3. Scoutly

Some people prefer to use an Amazon Scanner App without needing an internet connection. If you happen to fall into that category, then Scoutly is the tool for you. Upon installation, the app stores product data on your phone and allows you to scan products even while offline.

Amazon Scanner Scoutly
Scoutly downloads product information to your phone and allow you to scan barcodes while offline.

Scoutly covers all the essentials for finding a profitable product, like sales ranking, price, fair value (Buy Box), days with sales, and more. The app also supports profit calculation by entering your costs, which tells you which products you should pick up. With support for third-party apps, you can integrate Scoutly with Amazon price trackers to help you predict the perfect buying opportunity.

While many people will find the interface to be vanilla-looking, it’s still a feature-packed scanner app that can work on both offline and online modes. Pricing starts at $9.95 for online mode and $35 a month for both online and offline.

4. Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is one of the more affordable Amazon scanner apps out there but doesn’t skimp on the features a seller needs to make a profit. For only $9.99 a month, you get a scanner that offers Bluetooth scanning, a Buy Box identifier, restricted item alerts, and profit calculation based on fifteen different factors.

Amazon Scanner Profit Bandit
Beginner sellers will find Profit Bandit a capable scanner despite its budget-friendly pricing.

Profit Bandit also supports third-party integration with Amazon price trackers, giving you more value for your subscription. You can connect your Seller Central account to quickly list it through the app when you find the right product.

The scanner pulls data straight from Amazon’s application program interface (API), meaning you get real-time pricing data with each product you scan. Profit Bandit is an excellent option for sellers who want a budget-friendly scanner app.

5. ScanPower

ScanPower is the priciest of the Amazon scanner apps on this list, but for a good reason. Its feature set takes care of product sourcing and inventory management simultaneously, allowing sellers to scale their business faster with more efficient use of resources.

Amazon Scanner ScanPower
ScanPower’s comprehensive feature set doubles as a product scanner and inventory manager, giving you the best of both worlds in a single app.

Amazon FBA sellers will love ScanPower, providing real-time pricing and supports listing creation in just one touch. As part of the app’s box content solution, ScanPower offers Boxt, a feature that lets you create 2D barcode labels or send the box content information straight to Amazon.

One of the more advanced features of ScanPower is its sales reporting, which enables you to manage inventory and track expenses like shipping, taxes, and other fees. Lastly, the app’s scout tool lets you monitor the competition through price history graphs, unified sales rank, and product sales history.
It’s beyond your typical Amazon scanner app, as ScanPower does more than scan barcodes. They offer a subscription in three tiers: Basic at $49/month, Pro at $99/month, and Enterprise at $199/month. Regardless of your business size, ScanPower has a subscription plan that caters to your needs and preferences.


In an age where technology significantly impacts the e-commerce space, using an Amazon scanner app can do wonders for your business. You save up on time, create listings more efficiently, and do inventory management with a smartphone in your pocket. A scanner app is a no-brainer for anyone interested in doing retail arbitrage.

Hopefully, this article provides the resources you need to find the right Amazon scanner app to scale your business and earn more profits.

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