Finding Reliable Business Product and Service Reviews

ScreenShot001Most of my clients need the same types of products and services to manage and run their businesses, but they end up choosing from a huge variety of different providers. Why is that?

Most, I’m sure, go with whatever is convenient (hey- the guys around the corner) or a referral (Joe said he was good) or just the first thing they turn up with a search. That’s fine, unless it isn’t.

If the guy around the corner turns out to be three times more expensive than the guy two blocks down, that’s bad.

If the guy Joe uses turns out to be super slow to deliver (and then you find out Joe was looking to switch!) that isn’t going to work.

And the first search may turn up the best offer- or it may just turn up the best marketer!

Good news here- there are review sites that can help. Just like your parents always told you to get three quotes before you hire someone to do work on your house (I’m sure it wasn’t just me) I always recommend doing some research and reading honest reviews before choosing a solution for your business.

There’s plenty of bad advice out there- if you can mitigate that with a thorough honest review that includes feedback from actual users your chances of finding the right, best solution for your needs go way up.

So that’s why I was excited to find a site that offers all kinds of reviews that are going to help small business owners with the things they all typically need: Their tag line is Find the Right Software or Service for your Business and I’d say that about says it all. Check them out and let me know what you think!


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