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Listen Up: These Are The Best Podcasts for Amazon Sellers


What if we told you there’s an easier, faster, and more enjoyable way for Amazon sellers to keep up with industry news and trends? There is. It’s called podcasts.

Podcasts offer the same (or similar) content that you’d find in books and blogs, the only difference is that this information is delivered in an audio format as opposed to a visual format. The advantage, of course, is that you can listen while you get ready in the morning, while you drive, while you eat, etc. For the busy entrepreneur, it’s a more pleasant and efficient way to learn.

Below you’ll find a list of the best podcasts for Amazon sellers, along with a short blurb about each to help you decide which program to tune into.

1. Serious Sellers Podcast

The Serious Sellers Podcast is run by Helium 10, an all-in-one software suite that is designed to help Amazon sellers enhance their business. To date, the Serious Sellers Podcast has 174 episodes that touch on everything from keyword research to PPC campaigns to wholesaling. Helium 10 also made our list of best Amazon seller blogs of 2020, so it’s no surprise that their Serious Sellers Podcast also made the cut for best podcasts. 

2. Awesomers.com

Awesomers.com is a beginner-friendly podcast that provides you with all the basic info you need in order to begin selling online. It lays the foundation for more advanced methods you can learn in other podcasts.

3. The Amazon Seller Podcast

If you’re a private label seller, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, you’ll hear from multimillion dollar private label sellers who share their knowledge and experience. It’s quite literally a wealth of information.

4. The Amazon Entrepreneur

The Amazon Entrepreneur follows Taz Ahsan on his journey to becoming a private label seller, with each episode providing real time updates on what he has learned along the way. But the show encompasses more than just his own personal experience; Ahsan also interviews some of the most successful figures in the industry who provide inspiration and guidance for all private label sellers.  

5. Seller Round Table: Amazon FBA Podcast

Amazon FBA Podcast is a live weekly podcast that provides free coaching and Q&A sessions. The show is hosted by seven-figure Amazon seller Andy Arnott and business consultant Amy Wees. Each episode is packed with actionable tips and tricks that will help you master Amazon FBA.

6. Follow the Data: Your Journey to Amazon FBA Success

Founded by Viral Launch CEO Casey Gauss, Follow the Data helps sellers navigate the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace. Using data he’s gleaned from thousands of product launches, Gauss has come up with his own unique set of best practices that he shares with listeners on his show. Between Gauss and his various guests, you’ll learn a lot of new strategies that will help grow your business.

7. The Smartest Amazon Seller

If you want advice from someone who really knows what they’re talking about, look no further than The Smartest Amazon Seller. This podcast is run by Scott Needham, CEO of BuyBoxer, which has the biggest catalog of Amazon Prime products in the U.S. Throughout the years, Needham has accumulated a vast array of knowledge as it pertains to selling products online, knowledge he’s more than happy to share on his podcast.

8. Silent Sales Machine Radio

Silent Sales Machine Radio is run by Jim Cockrum, author of the best selling book The Silent Sales Machine, which teaches readers how to earn multiple streams of income online. A leading figure in online marketing, Cockrum teaches listeners how to start and grow their online business using the same cutting-edge strategies he’s found success with. 

9. Ecommerce Momentum Podcast

The Ecommerce Momentum Podcast isn’t just for Amazon sellers; it’s for ecommerce sellers of all types, including those who operate on Ebay, Shopify, and Etsy. Each episode features a top seller who provides step-by-step guidance on how to launch, build, and overcome common challenges. 

10. Zon Con Podcast

Zon Con Podcast is where AmaZON CONversations happen. Topics include how to build a reputable brand, how to find products, how to source, how to launch, and how to grow your business both on and off Amazon. Host Andrew Erickson is a seven-figure seller who can teach you how to use FBA to make your life easier.

11. Actualize Freedom

Actualize Freedom is not a podcast for beginners. Host Danny Carlson interviews leading experts, eight-figure brand builders, and top-notch digital marketers to learn advanced ecommerce business methods. One thing we really love about this podcast is that episodes are organized into categories, allowing you to browse by the topics that matter most to you.

12. Ecom Crew

Hosted by seven-figure online business owners Dave Bryant and Mike Jackness, the Ecom Crew is an all-in-one resource for ecommerce sellers of all types. Topics range from finding your niche to keeping your business alive during an economic downturn. Their candid approach to entrepreneurship provides a real-world view of what it’s really like to run an online business.

13. The Amazon FBA Private Labeler Show

What do you get when you combine entrepreneurship with Amazon FBA, private labeling, and general business best practices? The Amazon FBA Private Labeler Show. This five-star rated podcast is popular for a reason.

14. Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast

This is a truly unique podcast in the sense that it delivers authoritative content directly from the source: former and current Amazon employees. Gain an edge over the competition with insider information you won’t find anywhere else. 

15. Seller Sessions

Seller Sessions is a raw, no nonsense, straight-to-the-point podcast for advanced Amazon sellers. With three episodes posted per week, it is often the first to break new trends in the industry. Host Danny McMillan is a veteran Amazon seller and world renowned public speaker. He is also the founder of Amazon ads management firm DATAbrill and SellerPoll, which gives annual awards to top-performing Amazon sellers and services.

HONORABLE MENTION: While not as well known, we also wanted to include The Casual Flipper Podcast as an up-and-coming contender. Here, you’ll not only discover new methods for reselling on Amazon and eBay, but you’ll also uncover personal development strategies that will help you grow as an entrepreneur. CapForge CEO Matt Remuzzi recently made a guest appearance on the podcast in which he spoke to host Chris Lyons about bookkeeping for e-commerce sellers. Listen to it here.

Closing Thoughts

With so many options to choose from, make sure you take advantage of the variety available by listening to as many podcasts as you can. If you find one in particular that really speaks to you, hit the subscribe button to get notified when new episodes are uploaded. And if you feel so inclined, leave a review. Reviews not only provide the podcasters with helpful feedback, but they also help other sellers evaluate whether the content is worth listening to.

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