Best Conferences for Amazon Sellers


So you want to attend a conference, but there are dozens of options and you’re not sure which to choose. Browse our list of the best conferences for Amazon sellers and find the one that’s right for you.

1. SellerCon

The logo for SellerCon.

Number one on our list is SellerCon, and for good reason. According to JungleScout, more than 15,000 people have attended SellerCon over the course of six years, making it one of the largest ecommerce conferences in the world. 

Much of what draws the crowds is the high-profile speakers. Shark Tank investor Daymond John, for example, will be presenting at this year’s 2020 SellerCon. John’s rags-to-riches story began in 1992, when he founded clothing company FUBU with a $100,000 mortgage loan he took out in his mother’s name and transformed into a multibillion dollar business. John now owns his own marketing firm, The Shark Group, which advises companies on how to promote their brand.  At SellerCon, John will be drawing on his experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and marketer to teach Amazon sellers how to grow their online business. 

Where: Austin, TX
When: July 16–July 18, 2020
Admission cost: $497$2,997

2. Prosper Show

Prosper Show's logo.

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, this is not the conference for you. Prosper Show is geared towards the experienced Amazon seller who wants to scale their business. Prosper Show helps sellers meet that goal through education and by providing access to over 100 leading solution and service providers.

“Accomplished Amazon sellers will benefit from Prosper’s sessions that feature replicable best practices and structured and unstructured networking opportunities,” a statement from Prosper’s website reads. “Customized to the needs of online sellers who want to improve their businesses on Amazon, this conference features multiple former Amazon insiders as well as CEOs and general managers from top Amazon marketplace solution providers.”

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: Aug. 31–Sept. 2, 2020
Admission cost: $199$949, workshops sold separately

3. Orange Hat Summit

Orange Hat Summit's logo.

The first thing you’ll notice about Orange Hat Summit is that it’s pricey. The second thing you’ll notice is that it’s not as well attended as some of the other conferences. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s intentional. 

Orange Hat Summit is led by an elite group of Amazon sellers who have a proven track record of generating millions of dollars in sales. The event is for advanced Amazon sellers who seek to dominate the competition through the use of insider secrets and hacks. One such hack they will teach you, for example, is how to legally steal your competitor’s traffic and boost your rankings.

Where: Online (due to COVID-19)
When: June 26–June 27, 2020
Admission cost: $8,000–$15,000

4. Midwest Ecom Conference


The logo for Midwest Ecom Conference.

Who says quality conferences have to be expensive? Midwest Ecom Conference is one of our faves precisely because they charge a modest price. 

In fact, we love Midwest Ecom so much that our very own CEO Matt Remuzzi has decided to speak at this year’s conference. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

The two-day event, which is normally held in Minneapolis, will be hosted online this year due to social distancing guidelines.

Where: Online (due to COVID-19)
When: July 17–July 18, 2020
Admission cost: $329.99–$399.99


The logo for IRCE.

The issue with some ecommerce conferences is that the topics are too broad and therefore don’t cover issues specifically related to selling on Amazon. But that’s not the case with IRCE.

IRCE delivers curated educational sessions on topics and issues that are directly relevant to Amazon sellers. In the past, IRCE has hosted advanced workshops on Amazon listing strategies, FBA, and whether to operate as a first or third-party seller.

Where: Cancelled (due to COVID-19)
When: N/A
Admission cost: N/A

6. eTail


The logo for eTail.

eTail offers two annual U.S. conferences: one on the east coast and one on the west coast. They also have conferences in Canada, Australia, and Europe, but for the purposes of this article we’ll refer to those based in the U.S.

The conference boasts an impressive list of speakers that include company founders, VPs, CEOs, and more. In other words, you’ll be learning from people that are actually in the trenches, doing the work. You’ll also gain access to over 30 hours of discussion groups, lightning rounds, creative think-tanks, Tonight Show sessions, roundtables, networking activities, and more.

Where: Boston, MA & Palm Springs, CA
When: Oct. 13–Oct. 15, 2020 for Boston and Feb. 24–Feb. 27, 2020 for Palm Springs
Admission cost: $1,499–$3,899

7. eCom Chicago

The logo for eCom Chicago.

eCom Chicago is for Amazon sellers of all experience levels, from newbies to seasoned pros. The conference includes three jam-packed days of networking, expert speakers, vendor demos, and insider tips for growing your business. It is particularly useful if you’re seeking cutting edge software tools that will streamline your business. 

Where: Elk Grove Village, IL
When: Oct. 14–Oct. 16, 2020
Admission cost: Information unavailable (registration not yet open)

8. Sellers Summit

The logo for Sellers Summit.

Branded as “the ultimate ecommerce learning conference,” Sellers Summit offers a curriculum-based approach to teaching strategies that have been proven to increase online sales. From finding profitable products to sell to running an effective advertising campaign, you’ll get a holistic approach on how to run a successful Amazon business.  

Another strong selling point? In 2016, Sellers Summit was listed in Entrepreneur magazine’s list of top 11 ecommerce conferences

Where: Online (due to COVID-19)
When: May 6–May 8, 2020
Admission cost: $349–$649

9. eCommerce Fuel Live

eCommerce Fuel's logo.

We’ve written about eCommerce Fuel before; they made our list of best Amazon seller forums.  It’s no surprise then that they also run one of the highest-rated conferences for Amazon sellers. 

“Everyone who attends is a vetted member of our private community for 7-figure plus store owners,” a statement from eCommerce Fuel’s website reads. “This ensures you connect with knowledgeable, experienced entrepreneurs. Last year’s average attendee did more than $3 million in annual sales.”

It’s a tight-knit community, so if a large number of attendees is what you’re looking for, this is not the conference for you. If, on the other hand, you’re seeking a more intimate environment, this is an excellent choice.

Where: San Antonio, TX
When: Feb. 2–Feb. 5, 2020
Admission cost: Information unavailable (registration for 2021 not yet open)

10. Ecommerce Expo

The logo for Ecommerce Expo.

Due to COVID-19, you now have the opportunity to attend one of the world’s most prestigious ecommerce conferences without having to travel to the UK. That’s right, Ecommerce Expowhich normally takes place in Londonwill be hosting a virtual conference this year. 

The annual event attracts more than 8,000 attendees and features 30+ seminars along with 25+ hours of content. This year’s digital event will also address issues that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where: Online
When: Sept. 29–Oct. 1, 2020
Admission cost: Information unavailable

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