Amazon Prime: Is it Worth it in 2022?

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular subscription services in the e-commerce space. With more than 163.5 million users in the U.S. alone, the paid service unlocks a wide range of perks that appeal to modern-day consumers. What started as a basic subscription platform in 2005 has expanded to include convenient benefits that cover shipping, streaming, and grocery shopping, among others.

Perhaps you’ve thought about joining Amazon Prime but are unsure if the subscription service is worth it. This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Amazon’s Prime membership to help you decide if it’s a subscription service that you should use.

What do you get in an Amazon Prime subscription?

Amazon Prime’s value-packed service has many benefits that translate to better shopping and streaming experiences. Here’s what you get when you sign up for Amazon Prime:

1. Amazing deals on Amazon Prime Day

Every year, Amazon hosts a two-day sale called Prime Day that offers exclusive deals for Prime members. You get access to limited-time offers from every corner of Amazon’s retail site, whether it be food, clothing, gadgets, or home appliances. If you have a limited budget but want to spend on big-name brands like Apple or Nike, Amazon Prime Day is an event you don’t want to miss.

2. Lightning-fast shipping

One of the most well-known benefits of Amazon Prime is the speedy delivery times. Amazon’s vast logistics networks make same-day delivery possible on all your groceries and online purchases. You also get unlimited free two-day shipping on eligible products without a minimum spending requirement.

Amazon prioritizes convenience and customer satisfaction, and its Prime subscription service achieves just that.

3. Get access to Amazon Prime Video

Want to bundle your video streaming service into a single payment channel? Well, good news! Amazon offers a competing service similar to Netflix with Prime Video. Amazon’s homegrown streaming service offers thousands of TV shows, movies, and even Prime Video exclusives that cater to your interests.

Amazon Prime Video
While Netflix has a larger catalog, Amazon Prime Video packs more features for less price.

Amazon Prime Video membership costs $8.99 a month, but since the service is free for Prime members, it makes perfect sense to pick the latter as it comes with other additional benefits.

4. Gaming perks with Amazon Gaming

In 2014, Amazon bought Twitch and launched their new Prime Gaming service two years later. Prime Gaming includes a free Twitch subscription, exclusive in-game loot, and a handful of free PC games. You also get ad-free streaming on Twitch and subscribe to your favorite channels free of charge.

The best part is that all these gaming perks come standard with a Prime membership. Take note that a Twitch subscription costs $4.99 a month, and with Amazon Prime, you only pay $14.99 and get additional perks that come along with the subscription service.

5. Cloud storage with Amazon Photos

Is your phone’s storage running out due to your massive collection of photos? Not to worry, Amazon has a solution with their cloud-storage service Amazon Photos. Prime members get unlimited photo storage compatible with Android and iOS devices.

You can store photos from your desktop or mobile device and sync them automatically. It’sIt’s a great addition to a Prime subscription that further boosts the service’s value.

6. Share Prime benefits with Amazon Household

One of the more underrated perks of a Prime subscription is the ability to share benefits with another Amazon user. As the name suggests, Amazon Household lets two family members enjoy the perks of a Prime membership through a single subscription fee.

You can share your Prime benefits with adults, teens, and children at no additional cost. You can set up parental controls to avoid unwanted in-app purchases and filter items for children to browse. It’sIt’s a simple hack that lets you save money on subscription fees while maximizing the value of your Prime membership.

7. Shop groceries online with Amazon Fresh

Grocery shopping has never been easier, thanks to Amazon Fresh, an online grocery retailer that serves Amazon Prime members. Amazon Fresh elevates the grocery shopping experience thru two-hour delivery windows and free shipping for orders above $35.

Prime members can also shop at a physical Amazon Fresh store and enjoy discounted products, weekly exclusive deals, and convenient shopping, thanks to Dash Cart and Just Walk Out.

The wide product range and competitive pricing make Amazon Fresh an ideal grocery shopping center for Prime members who want to get the most out of their subscriptions.

What are the downsides to an Amazon Prime membership?

While Amazon Prime packs a ton of value-based perks, the subscription service isn’t for everyone. Each customer has unique needs when shopping online, and Amazon Prime focuses on buyers that require more than just free shipping.

Here are a few downsides to an Amazon Prime subscription:

1. Forced spending

One of the downsides to Amazon Prime is it forces you to spend unnecessarily on impulse purchases. With so many advantages that come with the subscription, it’s only a matter of time before a user purchases a product or uses a service they don’t actually need.

This forced spending amplifies when the holiday season approaches, as customers take advantage of limited-time deals and discounts. The convenience and accessibility of online shopping trigger reward systems in our brains and make us feel good when purchasing, as evidenced by recent studies.

2. Subscription fees

Subscription-based services have been climbing in price over the past few years, and Amazon Prime is no different. This year, Amazon increased its Prime subscription by 17%, from $12.99 monthly to $14.99. If you have a subscription to other services like Netflix, Spotify, or Hulu, the cost can add up with Amazon Prime.

While Amazon packed as many features into its Prime subscription as possible, it’s still not a complete alternative to hardcore music or video streaming. It’sIt’s up to you to decide whether the additional features are enough to justify the price bump, especially if you’re an audio or video enthusiast.

So, is Amazon Prime worth it in 2022?

Amazon Prime is the most value-packed subscription service, and it’s not even close. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar service that boasts exclusive offers, reliable shipping, cloud storage, and grocery shopping in a single subscription.

If you love to shop online and enjoy a couple of perks here and there, then yes, Amazon Prime is worth it in 2022. However, if you’re the type of user who prefers to buy in stores, we suggest putting your money elsewhere.

Overall, Amazon Prime offers compelling benefits that the average consumer will appreciate. Consider the advantages and weigh the cons to ensure you get the most out of your subscription.

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