Amazon Fresh: What You Need to Know

As consumer preferences shift and their buying habits evolve, e-commerce companies are scrambling for ways to meet these demands and provide a satisfactory experience. One example is Amazon Fresh, a grocery pickup and delivery service that promises value, convenience, and assortment when shopping for goods.

The concept of buying daily essentials online is nothing new, but Amazon’s take is perhaps the best the grocery market has seen so far. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Amazon Fresh and how it can potentially revolutionize the grocery shopping landscape.

How does Amazon Fresh Work?

Amazon Fresh is a grocery retailer that lets Amazon Prime members purchase groceries online thru their website or mobile app. Customers can pick up the goods at the store or have them delivered right to their doorstep, offering them the flexibility to obtain their essentials at their convenience.

If you want to shop online with Amazon Fresh, you’ll need a Prime membership, which costs $14.99 a month (or $139 annually). The good news is Amazon Fresh is free for eligible Prime members in the United States. Customers can qualify for free shipping by placing orders above $35, though in some locations, it goes up to $50.

Once a customer places their order, you can choose between a one to two-hour delivery window depending on your location. Amazon offers two delivery options which are:

  1. Attended delivery – When you choose attended delivery, Amazon will deliver your goods in plastic bags and receive the order yourself.
  2. Unattended delivery – When you choose unattended delivery, Amazon will deliver your order in temperature-controlled bags so that the groceries stay fresh when no one is available to receive them.

Shopping at a physical Amazon Fresh store also has its fair share of benefits, such as Amazon Dash Cart and Just Walk Out.

  • Amazon Dash Cart lets you skip the whole checkout line by scanning a QR code in your Amazon app before shopping. The cart identifies items you put in, and the payment gets processed when you exit the Dash Cart lane.
  • Just Walk Out also works the same way by letting customers grab what they need and walk out of the store without falling in line. You simply scan a QR code like before or connect your Amazon account/credit card number, and you’re good to go.

Amazon Fresh Benefits

What makes Amazon Fresh unique?

On the surface, Amazon Fresh looks just like any other grocery store. But, if you take a closer look, the e-commerce giant implements a couple of innovations that take their newest venture a step up from the competition. Here’s how:

1. Alexa integration

As voice-assistant technology continues to grow, Amazon Fresh aims to integrate it into their grocery through Alexa. By leveraging voice technology to their advantage, Amazon Fresh enhances the shopping experience in various ways.

First, Alexa helps create shopping lists thru voice and allows customers to access the list via the Amazon app. Second, they install Alexa kiosks in stores that guide customers in finding items from their shopping lists. Lastly, the shopping lists work with Amazon Dash Cart to allow quick checkouts and a hassle-free shopping experience.

Alexa also lets you stock your daily essentials based on your past purchases. For example, if you need to restock on milk, just say, “Alexa, reorder milk from Fresh.” Thanks to Amazon Fresh’s Alexa integration, building your grocery list and shopping for them has never been easier.

2. Hyper-convenience

At its core, Amazon Fresh is no different from its competitors like Fresh Direct or Instacart. All of them offer grocery delivery and pickup, but a key selling point for Amazon Fresh is the convenience factor. Amazon’s always been a consumer-centric brand, and it’s evident they want their shoppers to save time and money when buying their essentials online or in-store.

The checkout system on Amazon Fresh prioritizes speed and comfortability. For example, Amazon’s Dash Cart not only lets you skip the checkout line but also keeps track of grocery items you put in your cart. With sensory technology and computer vision, the cart automatically identifies the items and views your total receipt on a large screen.

There is no need to manually write off items in your shopping list as the cart does everything for you. But how about shoppers that want to grab a few items and get going? Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology lets people pick up their essentials and leave the store with their purchases charged to their credit cards.

The combination of contactless retail payment solutions helps match the ever-evolving needs of consumers that not only expect but demand convenient services from their favorite brands.

3. Wide product assortment

Part of what makes Amazon Fresh appealing is its broad product range. A typical Amazon Fresh grocery store can carry up to 500,000 products in various categories, ensuring they have everything their customers need. They also sell items that may surprise (or delight) customers with their local brands, like Happy Belly, Fresh Brand, and 365.

Amazon Fresh covers essentials like dairy products, meat, fruits, vegetables, and even freshly cooked in-house meals. Personal and healthcare items like cosmetics, baby care, and skin care products are also available at Amazon Fresh. Since Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017, you can also shop for organic produce and packaged foods, further broadening the store’s product range.

4. Great pricing and quality

Regarding pricing and food quality, Amazon Fresh is on par with what you get from most grocery stores. If you normally shop at Whole Foods, you’ll find that Amazon Fresh is 5-10% cheaper on Amazon Fresh. Factor in the convenience aspect, and it’s no surprise why shoppers are choosing Amazon Fresh as their go-to grocery store.

While the inventory may vary from location to location, all Amazon Fresh stores offer weekly deals to help you save more money. Amazon takes the value proposition even further by granting a 5% cashback to eligible Prime members who use their Rewards Visa Card when shopping.

Do note that Amazon Fresh doesn’t accept traditional coupons like most grocery stores. Instead, their weekly deals offer discounted items, so it’s worth browsing the list to see if you can take advantage of their offers.

Is Amazon Fresh worth it?

If you’re an existing Prime member and you want to experience a truly hassle-free shopping experience, then Amazon Fresh is definitely worth it. The quality of their products is great, and their innovative take on grocery shopping is worth more than the annual Prime membership you pay.

Amazon Fresh also offers up to 20% savings on various items for Prime members. Now that’s a good deal that anyone won’t want to miss.

Reasonable prices and lightning-fast delivery are just some of the benefits that Amazon Fresh has to offer. If there’s an Amazon Fresh store within your area and you want to secure a Prime membership, we suggest you try it to see how the shopping experience compares to a typical grocery store.

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