Will Anyone Buy a Smart Cat Door?

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Video Transcript: 

Product Promo Video:

Are you tired of your cat bringing home mice? Well, what if I told you that you can take back control? Introducing the Pawly Door. The world’s most intelligent cat door that revolutionizes the way you and your furry friend live together. With the Pawly Door, you keep mice, birds, and other kinds of prey where they truly belong, outside. The days of smelly surprises and hunting prey yourself are over. It’s easy to install fits, almost every cat. And with the pawly app, you decide when your cat gets in or out. The pawly door’s artificial intelligence algorithm detects when your cat tries to bring in prey. The door then remains locked to ensure a clean and safe home. Are strange cats invading your home, feeling a bit too comfortable? Or is your neighbor’s cat, not the most friendly? The Pawly Door uses chip recognition technology to ensure that only your cat can enter your home. We designed the Pawly Door with standard dimensions so you can easily upgrade from your traditional cat door without any hassle. For the installation, simply insert the cat door into the opening, tighten the screws, and plug it in. With our sleek and timeless design, it integrates into every home, and cats of many sizes fit through it. Thanks to our high-tech camera, reliable prey detection is possible during day and night. 

Matt’s Reaction: 

Okay. I mean, it’s cool. It’s a super expensive cat door that does a couple of important things. It lets you control the door going open or closed from your phone, which is helpful, I guess, if your cat is not, ah, respecting your times. I’m not sure exactly how big a benefit that is. I’m not a cat owner. The other piece is bringing prey in. So I guess if you have a cat that consistently drags dead animals into the house, this could be a good way of preventing that. I’m not sure how big of a problem that is either. But I guess if you’re suffering from either of those two and this has a reasonable price, it might make sense. And then the smart chip piece, allowing only your cat in, that could be helpful. Or if you’ve got raccoons or something else that are trying to come in through the cat door. So it’s not a bad idea. Everything it seems like is getting smarter these days and has a camera attached and has an app, so they’re just kind of following the trend of that, adding you know a camera and an app to otherwise normally simple mechanical device. So it probably comes down to price. If the price is reasonable, they’ll probably get pretty good adoption. If it’s a lot of money, the more it is, the fewer and fewer people are going to be interested in investing that much in a smart cat door. So, not a bad idea, and hopefully they are successful with it. But I think it’s all going to come down to the price that they charge, whether or not they’re going to get much adoption for that one. So good luck to Pawly Door.

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