Top Lawyer Tech Tools You Need to Use in 2023

It’s a brand new year, and law firms have a new set of challenges to face. The question is, how can you approach 2023 with even more confidence than the previous year? The answer is by using the top tech tools available at your disposal.

We saw how the global pandemic caused a massive shift in how law firms approach their daily processes. With the way technology is evolving in the legal industry, it’s no surprise modern software is becoming more essential as the days pass.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top lawyer tech tools you can use to improve the client experience and automate important processes.

1. File storage systems

Attorneys deal with plenty of documents daily, and organizing them can be a pain when done manually. Thankfully, an online file storage tool can help centralize your papers and make them easier to access remotely or at work.

Most file storage systems today use the cloud service model to handle documents. Cloud storage benefits law firms because it’s more secure and has ample storage size compared to local file storage. Data breaches are common in the law firm industry, and cloud-based storage apps encrypt your files, thus adding a layer of protection from unwanted threats.
Dropbox is one of the most reliable file storage apps around, and it’s the perfect tool for law firms of any size. The software supports document collaboration, and 24/7 file backup, and even works on materials when offline. Around 62% of attorneys use Dropbox as their primary document storage app, so make sure to check it out for efficient file organizing.

2. Document scanners

A scanner is an indisposable tool for many law firms as it gives them the ability to digitize documents with ease. Gone are the days when you need a physical scanner, as your smartphone is more than capable of scanning documents. As for which document scanner you choose, we recommend using Adobe App as it’s one of the most well-rounded mobile scanners out there.

For larger firms, investing in a proper desktop scanner is a more sensible solution as it can scan and print faster. Determine your firm’s needs and decide if a mobile scanner app is sufficient or if you require a physical scanner for bulk documents.

3. E-signature tools

The best (and most efficient) law firms use e-signature tools to minimize lead intake time and onboard new clients more quickly. Since the legal industry is a fast-paced business, you want to eliminate the back-and-forth with ink signatures and transition to an electronic solution.

With an e-signature tool, you have full visibility into where the documents are at all times. Nothing is more frustrating to an attorney than waiting for a client to sign a document, only to find out they never received it in the first place. You have improved communication with clients and you streamline the document signing process, thus freeing time for more billable hours.

DocuSign is an industry leader when it comes to e-signature tools, and many law firms have been using it with great success. The software supports various types of PDF files and comes with pre-made templates to simplify document signing. Since it’s cloud-based, you’ll never have to worry about document security as it uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Lawyer Tech Tools
List down your firm’s most important processes and identify which tech tools can help make those processes more efficient.

4. Video conferencing tools

The global pandemic has reshaped the way attorneys communicate with their clients. What was an in-person interaction has now transitioned into telecommunication, thus ushering in the need for video conferencing tools.

Aside from meeting with clients, lawyers can leverage video conferencing software to improve internal collaboration, conduct court arrangements, and attend legal webinars without any location restrictions. This freedom opens up possibilities for law firms to maximize their time and get done with legal work more quickly.

While there are tried-and-true options like Zoom and Google meet, our recommendation goes to Legaler as the best video conferencing software for attorneys. Developers kept the legal industry in mind with Legaler through end-to-end encryption and app-free video hosting. You can meet with your clients instantly on the web browser and allow other people to join with just a simple click.

There are free and paid options to use Legaler, although we would recommend the latter as it’s only $19 a month and provides you with tons of storage to save your recordings, notes, and messages.

5. Practice management software

Managing a law firm is no easy task, especially for small firms looking to establish their internal processes. If there’s one tool every law firm should have in 2023, it’s undoubtedly legal practice management software. This tool aims to provide a comprehensive solution to streamline a firm’s daily operations using features such as case management, time tracking, and payment collection.

One of the best examples of legal practice management software is Clio, a client-centric tool that supports document automation and client relationship management to level up your lead generation. Built with solo practitioners and large firms in mind, Clio comes with all the tools you need to provide exceptional client service.
If you want to learn more about how to manage your law firm more efficiently, you can check out our article where we discuss industry-leading tips on growing your business and maintaining profitability through 2023.

6. Online payment solutions

Clients nowadays look for flexible billing solutions as a means of settling payments. Thus, it’s important for law firms to not only accept online payments but provide a hassle-free experience to ensure client satisfaction.

The right online payment solution allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments (eChecks). eChecks in particular, are advantageous to attorneys and their clients because the processing fees are lower and have fewer limits on the transaction amount. If you haven’t explored this payment option for your firm, now is the perfect time to do it as it’ll make payments more convenient for your client.

As for the online payment solution itself, you want to look for software that meets the needs/expectations of your clients. Conduct a survey and ask your clients their preferred payment methods and see which software provides a reliable service. You can read our article on legal billing software to learn more about online payment solutions.

In summary

Leveraging the power of modern technology is crucial to the success of your law firm going forward. As more and more firms begin to embrace innovation, competition is heating up. Those that adapt to changes quickly are more likely to succeed in landing new clients and maintaining their position in the industry.

Make sure to try out these top lawyer tech tools to help set your firm up for success.

Does your firm need help with sorting out its financial records? Don’t worry, our team is here to help! Feel free to fill out the form below, and our team will contact you shortly.

Does your firm need help with sorting out its financial records? Don’t worry, our team is here to help! Feel free to fill out the form below, and our team will contact you shortly.  

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