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Top 10 Shopify Plugins That Your Store Needs

Thanks to its intuitiveness and ease of use, many e-commerce sellers use Shopify as their platform of choice. Not only that, but it boasts plenty of tools that help improve your store’s functionality. These tools are known as Shopify plugins, and using the right ones can lead to better sales, improved customer engagement, and more revenue.

With so many plugins available for Shopify, it can feel challenging to choose those that fit your store’s needs. The last thing you want is to install the wrong ones that hamper the usability of your store. In this article, we’ll discuss the top ten Shopify plugins that you should download to enhance the look and feel of your e-commerce site.

1. Hextom Free Shipping Bar (FSB)

What’s more attractive than buying a discounted product? You guessed it: free shipping. Customers love shopping online when they see a free shipping voucher available. Around 73% of customers are more likely to buy a product if it includes free shipping, making it a powerful incentive to drive sales to your store.

Thus, it makes sense for Shopify sellers to integrate free shipping to their site. But instead of setting it up manually, you can take advantage of a plugin called Free Shipping Bar from a company called Hextom. Free Shipping Bar is a customizable plugin that displays messages for customers to avail the free shipping option.

For example, the Free Shipping Bar will display how much the customer needs to qualify for free shipping, thus encouraging them to add more items to their cart. It’s a simple yet effective plugin that ensures you deliver the best value proposition to your target audience.

2. Userlike

Communication is key to succeeding in the online space, and Userlike makes it easy to keep in touch with your customers. The plugin serves as a live chat feature for your site where customers can start a direct chat quickly instead of emailing or messaging you. The live chat appears in real-time and displays throughout the website, whether on the landing page or checkout page.

The live chat window is customizable, and you can intelligently route customers on where they intend to go. Addressing questions early on is crucial to improving the customer experience, and integrating Userlike into your Shopify store will help nurture the leads you worked so hard to obtain.

3. Klaviyo

Experienced sellers know that retaining customers is just as important as acquiring them. By establishing a loyal customer base, you can generate consistent revenue from your Shopify store.

Klaviyo is one example of a plugin that turns one-time visitors into loyal brand ambassadors. How? By using data-driven information to optimize and automate your marketing efforts. The plugin lets you examine customer trends and behavior from site visitors. You can then personalize your marketing campaigns and connect with your target audience like never before.

Standing out from the competition is a good way to create a solid brand following. With Klaviyo, you can take your email and SMS marketing campaigns to the next level!

4. Returnly

E-commerce stores aren’t known for handling customer returns very well. That’s why Returnly exists to streamline the returns process to deliver a brick-and-mortar-like experience. Whether due to quality control issues or a faulty/defective product, Shopify owners need to address returns swiftly and efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction.

With Returnly, your store benefits from a smart return solution by ensuring the customer receives the correct product before returning the item. The customer gets store credit and can purchase another item before shipping the defective product to your store.

The plugin helps eliminate friction from the returns process and builds customer trust, which is great for building brand reputation. If returns have been a recurring problem for you, then Returnly is the plugin for you.

5. PageSpeed Monitor

One thing that Shopify sellers tend to neglect is the speed of their website. According to Websitebuilderexpert, a one-second delay is enough to drop customer satisfaction by 16%. That’s why you should pay attention to your website speed to avoid customers leaving your website. PageSpeed Monitor is the perfect plugin for this as it keeps a close eye on how fast your Shopify store is loading.

The plugin sends email alerts that contain important information on your Google Quality Score, page elements, page size, and more. From there, you can optimize your website to ensure it loads quickly on desktop and mobile devices. PageSpeed Monitor also lets you compare your website against your competitors to see how well you stack up.

Don’t let slow-loading pages hamper the customer experience by installing PageSpeed Monitor onto your Shopify store!

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6. Spocket

Many drop shippers prefer Shopify as their platform of choice as it connects them directly to drop shipping vendors. Not only that but tools like Spocket help make product sourcing easy by linking you to top dropshipping suppliers near you.

Spocket allows you to search for the ideal products based on the criteria you’ve set, thus ensuring you get the best quality items with healthy profit margins. You can also connect with suppliers closest to your location, which helps reduce shipping times and improve customer satisfaction.

Spocket works perfectly for US and EU drop shippers who want to gain an edge over their competitors. If you’re looking to take your drop shipping to the next level, Spocket is a plugin you should download.

7. Free Trust Badge

Establishing customer trust is a vital aspect of developing brand loyalty, and one way to achieve this is by providing a secure checkout process. If the customer doesn’t feel safe sharing their card information, your cart abandonment rates will spike, and you’ll lose potential sales along the way.

To tackle this issue head-on, you need to add trust badges to your checkout page. The Free Trust Badge is an excellent plugin that lets you display basic badges and full-colored badges to reinforce the trust factor during checkout. The plugin has a premium version that gives you access to 280 customizable badges to make sure it blends perfectly with your Shopify store.

8. Socialphotos

As an e-commerce seller, having social proof is essential to building a trustworthy brand. If your customers love to show off your products on social media, you can use that to your advantage with Socialphotos.

Socialphotos lets you highlight the best customer photos you have and compile them into a single album. From there, the images appear in a widget-style interface where site visitors can see your highlighted products. By combining the power of visuals and social media, you can build brand credibility and assure your customers of your product’s quality.

You can curate customer photos from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You also get access to in-depth analytics so you can determine which photos generate the most sales and conversions.

9. One-Click Social Login

Have you noticed your cart abandonment rates increasing? It’s likely due to a complicated checkout process where customers have to log in to complete the transaction. In this day and age, customers value convenience above all else, and having to deal with account creation is something that most people don’t like.

So, instead of forcing your customers to create an account, why not simplify the process with a single click? One-Click Social Login addresses this issue by using the customer’s social media account to sign up to your website. The plugin covers almost all social media platforms to ensure a hassle-free experience.

A speedy checkout process is sure to help you generate more sales. With One-Click Social Login, you’re able to lower your cart abandonment rates and improve your website’s user-friendliness.

10. Referral Candy

So your products are popping, and your customers are very satisfied with their purchase. Often, happy customers are more than willing to recommend your products; it’s just that they forget to do it. Instead of letting a potential referral slip away, you can use a plugin like Referral Candy to automate your referral programs.

Referral Candy integrates your referral program directly to your Shopify store. You can customize the reward options, display live chat support, and track your referrals to monitor your additional sales. Word-of-mouth marketing remains a powerful tool for growing your brand’s reach, and Referral Candy ensures your customers will happily recommend your products.

In summary

Shopify plugins do then add features to your website. These tools can help you secure sales, generate more revenue, and provide a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

Not all plugins are useful, so you need to install the right ones to enhance your e-commerce store’s performance. Make sure to give these top ten plugins a try, and watch how it elevates the look and feel of your website.

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