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How to Get Reviews With Amazon Vine Program

If you want your product to succeed on a highly competitive platform like Amazon, you need to acquire genuine reviews. How do you achieve this? By joining Amazon’s Vine Program. The Amazon Vine Program provides sellers and customers with honest and unbiased product reviews. It’s a great way to build feedback from your listings and boost the visibility of your products.

Product reviews help establish your brand’s reputation and serve as social proof that your products/services are worth your customer’s hard-earned money. The more positive feedback you accumulate, the more trustworthy your brand will appear. That’s why the top-rated sellers on Amazon have hundreds if not thousands of reviews to back up their product listings.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Amazon Vine Program is and how you can join it so that you can earn trusted reviews for your product listings.

What is the Amazon Vine Program?

The Amazon Vine Program is the platform’s product review strategy where a core group of qualified reviewers called “Vine Voices” provide detailed and honest feedback. The reviewers are selected based on their reviewer ranking, meaning only the most trustworthy people get invited to Vine Voices.

It’s a pretty simple concept; send a product for free, and one of the Vine Voices will provide candid reviews. Amazon Vine reviews are in-depth and usually contain images of the product while highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. If you want to obtain quality, unfiltered reviews for your product listings, you should join the Amazon Vine Program.

Of course, joining Amazon Vine doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get positive reviews only. Vine Voices reviewers won’t hesitate to point out flaws in your product if there happens to be one. That’s good news because it lets you address issues in your products to serve your target audience better.

Before Amazon updated its review policies, sellers previously sent items to people in exchange for reviews. The tendency was that the practice created more biased reviews than helpful ones, prompting Amazon to create the Vine Program. Customers can trust that a Vine Voice reviewer will give honest feedback on an item as the seller cannot persuade them to leave positive reviews.

What are the benefits of joining the Amazon Vine Program?

Product reviews aren’t the only thing you get from the Amazon Vine Program. It has many benefits to help differentiate your brand from your competitors.

1. Establish a strong brand reputation

One of the main advantages of joining the Amazon Vine Program is strengthening your brand’s reputation. Amazon Vine reviews are held to a higher standard than your average customer reviews, as evidenced by the Vine Voice badge that appears next to the reviewer’s name. When customers see a Vine Voice review, they know a trustworthy reviewer carefully examines the product to ensure its quality and performance.

Building trust with your customers is crucial to developing brand credibility. Once you accumulate enough Vine Voice reviews, customers will perceive your products as reliable and of high quality.

2. Increased sales

According to Power Reviews, a whopping 97% of consumers rely on product reviews when making a purchase decision. That’s why product reviews are crucial to generating sales from your product listings. With Vine Voices, you can obtain high-quality product reviews that influence your customer’s buying decisions.

The formula is simple; more reviews = more sales. Why? Because hundreds of people have proven your products work. They have a reference as to why they should invest in what your brand has to offer. Take advantage of the Amazon Vine Program and see the difference in your sales numbers.

3. Generate interest for new or inactive product listings

Getting people to buy a newly launched product can be difficult since it has no reviews. We can say the same thing with inactive listings that haven’t received new feedback in a while. Thankfully, Amazon Vine reviews help get the ball rolling and boost your listing’s visibility.

Even a single review from a trusted Vine Voice can make a huge difference in terms of your listing’s performance, making it more likely for customers to purchase your product. Inactive listings also benefit from Amazon Vine reviews as it ensures the item still holds up to current consumer standards.

4. Address issues with your product

The great thing about Vine Voice Reviews is that you receive constructive feedback from a consumer’s point of view. Having an honest reviewer rate your product will help you develop an item that meets the wants/needs of your customers. You must understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product so that you can offer better value than your competitors.

Sure, reading rave reviews are flattering as a seller. But, if you want to deliver the best customer experience possible, you need to take action on the negative reviews you receive. That way, your products will appear well-rounded in the eyes of consumers.

5. Improve the conversions of your product listings

The last benefit of joining the Amazon Vine Program is that your product listings get a huge boost in conversions. As we’ve mentioned before, high-quality reviews impact a customer’s buying decision. When they see your listing has trusted reviews from Vine Voice reviewers, they’ll feel more confident in making a purchase, especially when your competitors only have standard reviews to show.


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How to join the Amazon Vine Program

As of now, the Amazon Vine Program limits its program to brand-registered sellers only. If you’re a brand-registered seller and would like to join the Amazon Vine Program, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Locate the Advertising tab on the right side and click on the Vine option.
  3. Enter the ASIN of the product you want to enroll in the program.
  4. Go through the product enrollment process and enter the number of units available for review.
  5. Once the ASIN(s) are registered, track the progress by clicking on the ‘Details’ button.

After completing the steps, Amazon will notify its Vine Voices that your products are available for review. As of now, you can only enroll up to five ASINs per product. Amazon will offer your products to Vine Voices that review items in the same category for a fair and accurate assessment.

What are the enrollment requirements for the Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon has set out a series of criteria to enroll your products in the program successfully. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Your product listing must have less than 30 reviews. If your listing has 25 reviews, it will only receive a maximum of 5 Amazon Vine reviews.
  • The products you enroll in must be available in FBA and new condition.
  • The product listing should have an image, a title, and a complete product description.
  • The product should already be available before enrollment. Pre-launch products are not accepted.
  • Items should not fall under the restricted products category.
  • Bulky or heavy items are not eligible for review.
  • Dropship items are also not eligible for review.
  • Items should function on their own and not require any additional components.
  • Sample goods are not allowed.

Are there any other alternatives to Amazon Vine Program?

If you’re looking for other ways to obtain reviews for your product listings, you’re in luck. There are a couple of options you can explore to generate more product reviews. These are:

  1. Amazon Posts – Amazon Posts is similar to Pinterest, where you can showcase your products and offer a strong value proposition to your customers. The service helps create brand awareness and drives traffic to your store.
  2. Sending personalized emails – Usually, Amazon sends a generic email that asks customers to leave a review after their purchase. While most customers ignore this, you can catch their attention using personalized emails. Write their name in the subject title and ask if they can leave a review on your product. Just make sure not to request a positive review specifically as Amazon does not allow soliciting of positive reviews.
  3. Add product inserts to your packaging – Product inserts are the small leaflets you add to your packaging to request feedback on your products. When adding product inserts, use vibrant colors to capture the customer’s attention. Again, don’t ask for positive reviews specifically; just request feedback on your product.
  4. Ask for reviews on social media – Interacting with your audience on social media is a great way to obtain feedback for your product listings. Invite customers to leave feedback and incentivize them by hosting a giveaway contest where one lucky reviewer will win a prize from your store.


The Amazon Vine Program is an excellent platform that enables sellers to obtain trustworthy reviews from reputable Vine Voices. The importance of product reviews cannot be understated as they shape the public’s perception of your brand. Obtaining reviews may be difficult at first, but positive feedback will come once your product has proven itself on the market.

Hopefully, this article has shown you the benefits of the Amazon Vine Program and guided you to join it. Remember, the more reviews you get, the more sales you’ll be able to generate.

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