Is This Spin on Fortune Cookies Going to Sell?

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Video Transcript: 

Product Promo Video:

It’s not that nothing makes you happy, it’s just that happiness is for people who deserve it. 

A friend is a present that no one will give you.

Animals could talk, they say they don’t like you.

Haha your dreams are achievable just not by you Haha  

I’ve been saying this to myself but I’ve never said it out loud. It just hits different.

Narrator: For thousands of years with their overly positive and optimistic fortunes, traditional fortune cookies just haven’t kept up with the times. That’s why we created Unfortunate Cookies.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, especially when the only trick, you know, is be sad.

New ideas could be profitable. Not yours, good ideas. 

If beauty is skin deep, you got thick ugly skin.

Narrator: Inside each deliciously baked Unfortunate Cookie, you’ll find an often dreadful oddly specific fortune that acknowledges the authentic challenges of our modern lives. 

Believe it can be done because believing is as close as you’ll get.

That thing that you’re self-conscious about everyone notices and hates you for this.

You blew it.

You can’t judge a book by its cover but the cover of the story is why we invented book burning. Haha that’s pretty good. I like that one. 

Narrator: So gather your friends crack open a cookie and have a good laugh at your miserable existence. That’s unfortunate.

 I feel like it’s just it’s just accurate

Matt’s Review:

Okay, well that’s a pretty cool idea. I feel like this is maybe not a totally original idea. Fortune cookies with weird messages or funny messages or joking messages besides the usual sort of, you know, “good luck is coming your way” or whatever. I don’t know that’s an entirely original idea but I mean the the name Unfortunate Cookies works. And I can certainly see, you know, if you got a bag of these, 15 or 20 Unfortunate Cookies, it would be kind of a fun thing to, you know, bring this as a dessert or potluck thing, or you know, holiday kind of stocking stuffer type of gift or something. So I could see that, you know, happening that way it looks like they’re only trying to raise 45 hundred dollars on this Kickstarter campaign, they just passed it with 19 days to go. So I mean there are people out there who would be interested in this kind of novelty idea. I don’t know how big of a business you could really turn this into unless you actually got some Chinese restaurants to buy into the idea of doing unfortunate cookies as just something different than um the usual. But kind of a cool idea. I don’t think it really cost too much to have fortune cookies stuffed with different messages than usual. I’m sure there’s one giant fortune cookie company that makes all the fortune cookies in the world and you just pay to have your messages different and stuffed in there for you. But anyway kind of cool idea. Something different and I, you know, hope they’re successful with it.

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