Will Anyone Buy a Water Maker that Pulls Water Out of Thin Air?

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Water is life. But in today’s world, getting clean water is complicated and expensive. 

** Matt’s Interjection**

Is it though?

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You have to buy it, haul it, filter it, boil it, purify it, schedule it. Who’s got the time for that? Introducing Spout. The smarter, healthier, easier way to do water years in the making. Spout is a new device that creates up to two and a half gallons a day, every day, of some of the purest, safest, and freshest drinking water on the planet. Spout brings science and nature together, harmoniously and sustainably, to convert the natural water vapor already in the air into drinking water.

Matt’s reaction: 

So that’s interesting. If you’re somebody who’s lucky enough to be in a position to be picky about the water you get to drink, then you don’t really have huge problems. Right? Because there’s billions of people on the planet who don’t even have any access to clean drinking water at all. Here in the US you’re spoiled for choice. There’s a whole aisle of water in the grocery store of all different kinds. And I know people who prefer Smart Water over Fiji water, where it’s really hard for me to even see that there is a difference at all. So this product is interesting in that it’s pulling water out of the air. I would imagine that’s using a fair amount of electricity, so they’re saying it’s environmentally friendly. I don’t know. It might be actually burning a lot of electricity. And then does the water taste any different or different in a way that’s better than other options? I don’t know. I would imagine, though, this is not going to be a huge seller. It’s probably I don’t know if they have pricing on there, but it’s going to be hundreds of dollars to get something like this. And then you probably still have to replace filters from time to time. It takes up space on the counter, and at the end of it, you just have water. So I don’t know about this one. If you’re pulling water out of the air somewhere that has no access to water, that’s pretty cool, because that would overcome the problem of no well and no city hookup. You still do have the power the problem of powering it, but this is only two and a half gallons a day, so you’re not really replacing a well or city hookup with this type of device for that situation.

So it’s really just down back to the problems they were addressing. Transporting bottled water, getting it delivered, or filling a Brita or water filter kind of container at home. And having that be enough of a headache for you that you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on this thing, that as soon as you’ve poured out half a gallon, you put it in, it probably takes hours to fill back up again. It’s kind of a cool idea as an idea, but I would say they’re probably facing a pretty uphill battle to get this into enough homes to make it make any sense. That would be my guess. I guess we’ll find out in a year from now or so. If everybody’s drinking water from the air, then I guess I was wrong. But if we never hear about this again, well, it probably wasn’t enough of a problem to warrant this multi-hundred dollar solution. 

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