How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

Product descriptions hold a lot of weight from a consumer’s perspective. It tells them everything they need to know about the product you’re selling and why they should purchase it. A well-written product description will help distinguish you from the competition and help you gain more visibility on search engines.

If you find that your product descriptions are a bit lacking, you came to the right place. This article will discuss a few expert tips on how you can write compelling product descriptions and sell more products to your target audience.

1. Highlight the product’s benefits in a unique way

There’s more to selling a product than just listing its features and specifications. If you want customers to buy your product, you must entice them with its benefits. How does your product add value to your customers’ lives? What advantages does your product have that your competitors don’t?

Product Descriptions Manscaped

Take a look at how Manscaped highlights the features of their LAWN MOWER® 4.0. They combine eye-catching images with a detailed copy of the product’s main features for their product descriptions. The LAWN MOWER® 4.0 is backed by Manscaped’s SkinSafe™ Technology to guarantee precision grooming and maximum comfortability.

Manscape wrote the product description in a way that they are not only selling the product but the experience as well. Consider the benefits of your products and uniquely highlight them to capture buyer attention.

2. Do away with generic phrases

Most brands use generic phrases in their product descriptions like “high quality” or “low price” to make their products look more appealing. But everyone’s heard those before, and quite frankly, your buyers always expect your products to be high quality at a fair price. Instead of beating around the bush, you want to write product descriptions that indicate the quality of the item you’re selling.

For example, say you sell leather goods, and you want customers to know they’re dealing with a premium brand. You can write a good product description that says “made with full-grain leather for outstanding longevity”, or “built with hand-crafted stitching that’s made to last”.

These descriptions alone indicate that your product is of the utmost quality, and it paints a clear picture of how well your products are made. The next time you write product descriptions, avoid generic phrases and focus on describing your products in a way that meets/exceeds customer expectations.

3. Have a story to tell

Humans are emotional beings, and emotion plays a big role in helping customers make purchase decisions. Telling mini-stores gives more insight into who your brand is and why customers should turn to your products. Going back to our previous example of leather goods, you can make your products more interesting by telling where you source your materials.

Say you source your leather from Italy, a country famous for its superior leather goods. You can write a mini-story that says:

“Sourced from the finest leather exporters in the world, our European leather products use full-grain hides and plant-based dye extracts. Only the most skilled artisans craft our goods, and the end results are leather products that are beautiful, robust, and long-lasting.”

By assuring your buyers that your leather products are made by skilled craftsmen, the value of your offerings will be perceived as higher than those of your competitors.

4. Use social proof to gain trust

One of the best ways to make your product descriptions stand out is by using social proof. Reviews, testimonials, and ratings have a big impact on a customer’s buying decision, and adding them to your product descriptions can help them make an informed purchase.

Product Descriptions ASUS

Take a look at ASUS and how they incorporate social proof into their product descriptions. They display awards and ratings below their products to obtain consumer trust and reinforce the quality of their gaming peripherals. Since most buyers want to purchase something that’s proven, using social proof can make your products more appealing and increase the effectiveness of your product descriptions.

5. Focus on the product’s ideal buyer

Every customer has varying needs that brands need to address. That’s why it’s important to create customer persona profiles to help you identify the ideal buyer for each of your products. When writing product descriptions, you want to adjust your tone and voice depending on who the ideal buyer is. By using language that your buyers are familiar with, you’ll be able to communicate with them more effectively and describe why your product is the best solution to their needs.

The best product descriptions communicate with customers directly. Don’t be afraid to get fun and creative. Use playful language and incorporate humor into your product descriptions. The last thing you want is to write copy that’s boring to read, so mix things up and cater your descriptions by focusing on the product’s ideal buyer.

6. Stimulate the buyer’s imagination

When you sell online, customers can only rely on the information you provide since they can’t view them physically. To increase the desirability of your products, you want to write product descriptions that stir the imagination of your customers.

For example, if you sell a beard trimmer, you can tickle the minds of your buyers by writing a product description like, “Imagine a beard trimmer that’s so sleek and powerful, you can craft your style easily within minutes. With our precision beard-sculpting machine, you’ll always look your best anytime, anywhere.”

Make sure to incorporate crystal-clear photos and videos along with your product descriptions so the customer can fully envision what it’s like to own your product.


Writing effective product descriptions take time and practice. But when executed perfectly, you can persuade more customers to purchase your products. You don’t need to be a wordsmith to write effective copy; you just need to keep your ideal buyer in mind.

Hopefully, these tips can help you nail your product descriptions and make your offerings stand out from the competition.

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