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An Introduction to Amazon Brand Registry

E-commerce sellers know that Amazon is a competitive marketplace. Due to the influx of sellers on the platform, trademark infringement has become rampant. We all know how counterfeit products can harm your brand’s reputation, and it’s for this reason the Amazon Brand Registry Program exists.

Amazon Brand Registry provides sellers with everything they need to build their brand image and protect them from trademark abuses. If your goal is to create a brand that resonates with your target audience, enrolling your brand through this program should be one of your top priorities.

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of Amazon Brand Registry and help you register your brand. That way, you can establish your online presence and enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Simply put, Amazon Brand Registry is a program where verified owners get access to a whole host of tools that help protect their brand and elevate it to a new level. Initially, the program revolved around trademark infringement but has since undergone several iterations to include brand development into its core.

Amazon store owners know the importance of protecting their brand image as the last thing you want is your store to be associated with fraudulent products or low-quality items. That’s why Amazon Brand Registry exists; to shield the integrity of your business and deliver the best customer experience possible.

As of now, Amazon states that its Brand Registry program has protected more than 500,000 brands and blocked over 2 million bad-acting accounts.

What are the advantages of using Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry does more than simply protect your brand. You get full control over your brand’s development which is crucial for e-commerce success. Differentiating yourself from a competitive marketplace like Amazon can be difficult, but you can create a unique image for your brand thanks to this program.

Here are the most important benefits that the Amazon Brand registry provides.

1. Protect your product listings from suspicious sellers

Product listings are one of the easiest to falsify. With Amazon Brand Registry, you can rest assured that your product information is safe from fraudulent third-party sellers. When you register in the program, Amazon gives you total control over product promotion and how you want your listing to be displayed.

The program also ensures that your advertising data is secure. Registered brands will have their ads automatically recognized by Amazon and prioritize them over sellers who advertise your products. The platform detects suspicious stores that use your brand to generate traffic and block their activities.

2. Get access to in-depth analytics

When it comes to brand development, understanding your customers is key. Companies that learn more about their target audience are the ones that generate the most sales. Why? Because they know exactly how to address the wants/needs of their consumers.

Amazon Brand Registry offers advanced analytics that provides in-depth information about customer habits and buyer behavior. When you know what your customers are into, you can offer the right products that match their interests. You can even analyze the search terms they’re using and narrow down the demographics you want to target.

Making data-driven decisions is crucial to scaling your business. Thanks to Amazon Brand Registry, you won’t have to do much guesswork when figuring out your target audience.

3. Write better copy with Amazon A+ Content

We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king,” and this rings true to this day. Whether it be writing compelling product descriptions or catchy product titles, the quality of your copy will undoubtedly affect your brand’s overall image.

Registered brands get access to Amazon’s A+ Content feature, where you can optimize your product listings and make them stand out from the competition. Here, you can add high-quality product images, customize paragraph headers, and add bulleted feature lists for a truly unique product listing.

You can communicate more effectively with your target audience when writing better copy. It’s all about conveying the value proposition that your brand offers over other sellers on the platform. Sometimes a slight tweak in your product listing can mean the difference between a listing that converts and underperforms.

4. Build your brand exactly how you want it

What separates registered brands from non-registered ones is the former’s unique storefront. Amazon Brand Registry allows you to customize the look of your store and engage more effectively with your customers. The program has an intuitive store builder that lets you choose from multiple templates to create that perfect storefront you desire.

You can even create your own designs if you’re interested. To further leverage your unique storefront, Amazon Brand Registry lets you use Sponsored Brand Ads to boost traffic and generate more brand awareness. Both of these features will help you develop your brand according to how you envision it.

5. Improved support from Amazon

As part of the Brand Registry program, you get access to Amazon’s dedicated support team that’s ready to handle any reports you may have. Expect their team to take action against fraud, scams, and spoofing attempts quickly and efficiently. If you notice any infringement issues regarding your brand and its products, simply contact Amazon, and they’ll take care of it for you.


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Steps on enrolling for Amazon Brand Registry

Now that you know what Amazon Brand Registry is all about, it’s time to enroll your brand in the program. It’s a pretty straightforward process, so make sure to follow all the steps we’ll mention below.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

The first thing you need to do is check your brand’s eligibility. You’ll need three things to qualify for the Amazon Brand Registry, and these are:

  • Trademark Registration – You’ll need a registered trademark to register your brand under the program. The trademark can appear as a text, phrase, or symbol identifying your brand. Make sure you have this sorted out, or otherwise, you won’t proceed with the next steps.
  • Amazon Brand Registry account – Once you have your trademark registration ready, you can now create your Amazon Brand Registry account. You can use your vendor or seller central account and register that for the program.
  • Verify Trademark – After registering your brand, you’ll undergo a verification process where you’ll need to provide proof of ownership of the trademark.

Step 2: Sign into Amazon Brand Registry

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, the next step is to go to the Amazon Brand Registry portal. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and click on the link to sign up for the program. From there, you’ll need to verify your identity through text message, enter the required information, and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Enroll your brand

After you’ve signed in, the next step is to enroll your brand. To do this, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  1. Your brand name with an active trademark.
  2. The trademark number.
  3. A list of categories that apply to your products.
  4. The country that manufactures and distributes your products.

Ensure the information you enter is as accurate as possible to avoid delays or issues with your brand registration.

Step 4: Trademark verification

Amazon will send you an email confirmation containing the trademark verification code upon completing the application. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account, locate the case log, and enter the verification code along with your case ID.

Step 5: Brand Registry activation

The last step of this process is activating the Brand Registry on all of your products. To do this, head over to the Brand Performance Business reports and check that the Brand Registry is enabled. If some of your products don’t appear on the list, make sure to update your catalog number, UPC, or manufacturer number.

In summary

Amazon’s Brand Registry program is an excellent platform for sellers to build their brand and protect it against fraudulent activities. You get access to a complete set of tools that’ll help you make data-driven choices and improve your customer’s shopping experience. Accurate brand representation is a must if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and Amazon’s Brand Registry program will help you do just that.

Hopefully, this article highlights the important parts of the Amazon Brand Registry and guides you towards registering your brand under the program.

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