Amazon Seller Bookkeeping Book is Now Live on Kindle!

After hitting just over 100 Amazon seller clients I felt like we were pretty well qualified to write a book on how to do bookkeeping for Amazon sellers! We have mostly FBA private label sellers, but also a good mix of wholesale, retail arbitrage and multi-channel sellers we work with.

Very few other accounting firms seem to have much experience with this, and some people want to do it themselves, or at least understand it well enough on their own even if they aren’t doing it that a book seemed like a good idea.

It took a long time to write, and I had to redo many of the original screenshots when QuickBooks changed all their menus, but it finally got done!

If after reading it, there are suggestions for improvements, additional pointers or any other feedback, I’d be happy to hear it! I hope it helps people out who are looking for Amazon bookkeeping. And if you’d rather not tackle it yourself, I’d be happy to help with that as well! 🙂

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