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Video Transcript: 

Product Promo Video:

I need to buy a diving computer and I want to buy an underwater camera but buying both of them is too expensive. Is there any way to solve this problem with one product? When your smartphone meets Diveroid it’s possible. Introducing Diveroid. Which will make your diving experience safe and fun. Do you have to buy a new housing every time you purchase a new smartphone? With Universal Pro housing you can insert and use any kind of smartphone regardless of the size and brand. Such as Apple Huawei Oppo Xiaomi LG and Samsung. It even has a heat sink system that prevents fogging and a double O-ring structure with a 60-meter waterproof functionality. Meet the best multifunctional underwater housing equipped with compatibility and durability at a reasonable price. 

The mini is a small diving computer and it is very simple to use. Download the Diveroid app, connect with your smartphone, and you’re ready. Diveroid works underwater as both a diving computer and a camera. Check diving computer information such as NDL, depth, and time while taking pictures. 

The most important thing while diving is safety. Six different alarms including slow down and safety stop functions are responsible for your underwater safety. Enjoy taking professional underwater videos with various angles, dDiveroid provides four camera modes. Ultra-wide angle, wide angle, zoom, and Selfie. 4K video mode enables you to take vivid videos of the beautiful underwater ocean. Still not satisfied with your pictures even after using the red filter? The real-time software-based red filter feature will optimize the color in any environment. 

That was a great dive, let’s take a look at the pictures we took today. A photo-synced log book with depth information is automatically created. Check your diving records at a glance. Why don’t we make a log book link and send our diving records to family and friends? Add depth graphs and diving data to your best shots. And share them on Instagram using the Diving Story sharing feature. Experience a new diving world with Diveroid all-in-one dive gear. Diveroid.


Okay, Diveroid. I don’t really get the name. It’s been my hang-up on a few of these, that the name is a little off. Diveroid right, I don’t know. 

Anyway aside from that it is an interesting product. I don’t agree with their initial premise that people wanna spend less money. I mean yes, generally people wanna spend less money but I’ve never met a diver who thought, “You know I would have better gear but I’m on a budget”. The divers I know all spend all kinds of money on gear and they have four cameras and they have, you know, flashbulb setups and six dive watches and all kinds of stuff. So budget-conscious divers is maybe not the right approach for this. And if you wanna have a really good underwater photography session you really need lights. You need to set up with lights but if you just wanna have decent underwater pictures.

Then what you’re competing with here really is a GoPro. And so this may actually be a pretty cool option for that because you can use your camera, the camera on your phone to record that stuff. The problem with using a GoPro is you gotta get the video off the GoPro and maybe wanna do a little editing and then you wanna share and show friends and whatever and it’s more of a pain for that. It’s probably a slightly better camera and maybe a little easier to use cause it’s smaller than this thing. But for the average casual diver having that dive computer plus using your phone as a camera set up in this housing could actually be kind of a cool option. 

So I would think you might see this offered at dive shops or dive destinations. You go to the Caribbean somewhere, you wanna do some dives, you didn’t bring all your own gear or you’re a newer diver that doesn’t have a lot of gear, especially a camera. You could rent one of these instead of buying it or buy it, you know, on-site. So I can definitely see uses for this. I don’t think it’s gonna replace the people who, you know, be a replacement for people who are serious underwater photographers or videographers. But for the casual crowd, I think this could be actually a pretty cool option. And again it looks like they raise $60,000 so far out of a 5,000 dollar goal so there’s definitely some people who are gonna be interested in this. And you know, good luck to them. If they get it off the ground and have it for sale at some point, who knows, maybe I’ll even get one as a diver myself.

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