Why Use CapForge Bookkeeping?

There are lots of choices out there, so why use us? Here’s what we came up with (in no particular order):

  • We are a full time, professional accounting firm focused on small businesses

  • We have a team of pros, so you aren’t affected by a vacation, illness, or someone leaving for another job

  • Our rates are fixed, so you never pay for wasted time, travel time, or slow or lazy workers

  • You don’t have to work around our schedule, or be present when we work

  • We do and understand a lot more accounting than just plugging in bank transactions

  • We can handle multiple location operations, multiple lines of business under one entity and more complex issues

  • You don’t need to buy, learn or maintain QuickBooks or any other software

  • You don’t have to give us access to your computer

  • We always respond fast- usually the same day, to any phone call or email

  • We have tons of positive client references and reviews

  • We are set up in a way that makes theft virtually impossible and your information completely secure

  • We have a million dollar insurance policy (that we’ve never had to touch)

  • We’ve been in business since 2000

  • Our founder has an MBA, bookkeeping certifications, and 20 years of small business experience, including owning and selling them

  • We can help with all your business related issues, not just bookkeeping