The Best Dental Practice Blogs to Follow

We live in the age of the internet where content is highly valued by readers. Providing accurate and reliable information not only builds trust but also helps you develop a connection with your target audience. That’s why people look for the best dental practice blogs to find the right answers and have a greater understanding of what dentistry is all about.

You’ve heard the saying “content is king” and that remains true to this day. Whether it be growing your practice or creating quality content yourself, you can learn a lot by reading blog posts. Let’s take a look at the best dental practice blogs on the internet and learn what makes content valuable to readers.

How do you know if a dental blog is good?

You’ll find plenty of dental blogs scattered across the internet, but not all of them provide quality content. Some websites put up well-researched blog posts, while others write poorly constructed articles. How do you know if a dental blog is a reliable source of information? Here are a few key things to look out for.

Uses credible sources

A good dental practice blog directs the reader to established sources like scholarly articles, journals, and research papers. The credibility of a dental blog relies on how well they research their blog posts. By linking to credible sources, you can feel confident that the information in the article is accurate and correct.

Answers your questions

One thing that separates good content from bad ones is that they don’t divert into the main topic. They get straight to the point and answer your questions immediately. Great dental practice blogs don’t add fluff to their blog posts to keep you reading. They get your attention by providing the exact information you need.

Content is formatted nicely

Content formatting is important when writing blog posts because it helps the reader digest the information into manageable pieces. Considering that most readers skim through lengthy sentences and paragraphs, a well-formatted article is a good sign that a dental blog knows how to make great content.

Posts blog posts regularly

The best dental practice blogs produce quality content regularly to keep their readers well-informed on the latest trends in the dental industry. Of course, quality is always better than quality, so you still need to evaluate the content to make sure you’re visiting the right website.

Integrates videos and podcasts

Different readers consume content in different ways. Some people like to read articles while others prefer watching videos for a more interactive experience. Either way, a good dental blog will produce quality content in both article and video formats to cater to a wider audience.

Why is blogging important for your dental practice?

One of the main questions people ask is whether or not blogging is important for the growth of their business. The answer is a resounding YES! Creating quality content is key to separating yourself from your competitors. The top dental practices know that blog posts have the power to shape their online presence and that’s why you should start blogging as well.

Here are five reasons why blogging is important for your dental practice:

1. Blogging drives traffic to your website

Every business wants more visitors to its website. The more traffic you generate, the more exposure your business gets. With blog posts, you improve your visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPS) and drive organic traffic to your website.

Blog posts create an indexed page of your website where search engines like Google use it to show on the results page. Ultimately, blogging helps your website become more discoverable which opens up opportunities for generating leads.

2. Blogging converts site visitors into leads

Speaking of leads, blogging is a great way to convert site visitors into potential customers. When you implement a call-to-action button on your website, you’re encouraging site visitors to do business with you. Once you have their attention, you can guide them throughout the customer journey and eventually, secure an appointment.

You can also use blog posts to encourage site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, notify them of upcoming discounts, and more.

3. Blogging creates a snowball effect

There’s a reason why blogging remains an effective marketing strategy for dental practices and that’s because of its long-term benefits. Once a blog post is indexed, it stays in the search engines. This creates a snowball effect where you can generate website traffic for months or even years after the blog post has been published.

4. Blogging establishes your practice’s credibility

Having an online presence is an absolute must in this technologically-driven era. And what better way to build your dental practice’s credibility than by writing quality blog posts. Readers associate well-written content with professionalism and this creates a positive impression on your target audience.

5. Blogging keeps your readers up to date

As a practice owner, you want your readers to be in the know of the latest trends in the dental industry. With blogging, you get to inform your readers on where your practice is heading and what your plans are to improve patient care. Educating your patients is just as important as looking after them. When they’re updated on what’s happening with your dental practice, they can feel more confident in scheduling an appointment with you.

The best dental practice blogs to follow

Now that you know what makes good content and how important it is to your dental practice, it’s time to take a look at the best dental practice blogs on the internet. These websites are excellent resources that will help you grow your dental practice and help you create quality content yourself.

1. DentistryIQ

DentistryIQ covers everything you need to know on how to run a dental practice successfully. They have a plethora of blog posts that cover topics under practice management, dental hygiene, front office, dentistry, and more. Their articles are well-researched and their website is one of the leading sources of dental information online.

DentistryIQ has been around since 2009 and is led by a team of experienced editors and staff writers. If you’re looking for quality, reliable content, make sure to give this dental blog a visit.

2. The Big Brush

The Big Brush is a financial services company that offers insightful blog posts on topics like marketing and insurance. Their articles have a creative flair that will get you hooked once you start reading them. The Big Brush publishes blog posts that are easy to digest, and you’ll find their tips useful in running your dental practice.

Led by a team of skilled financial advisors, you can always turn to The Big Brush for all your dental insurance and blog post needs.

3. Patient Pop

Patient Pop is an online practice growth solution that not only helps practice owners grow their business but also guides them with their resource hub. Hear the success stories of practice owners themselves and watch expert videos on how to optimize your practice’s performance.

They have everything from short-form videos to comprehensive webinars. Think of PatientPop as a learning center where you can expand your knowledge on all things related to dentistry. What we love about this website is that they provide content in multiple formats, thus creating a unique learning experience for both site visitors and practice owners.

4. RevenueWell

RevenueWell is a dental marketing blog that’s stacked with credible blog posts and insightful tips. Their website focuses on how practice owners can attract new patients, build better patient relationships, and maximize their marketing dollars. Their blog posts are packed with reliable information that you can implement in your dental practice.

You can even subscribe to their email newsletter so you can have instant access to the latest and greatest blogs the website posts.

5. My Social Practice

As the name suggests, My Social Practice is a social media marketing company that helps practice owners establish their social media presence. If you’re looking to step up your social media game, then you definitely need to check their blog posts. Their articles contain actionable tips and tricks that will help you reach the right audience and cater to your target demographic.

They publish blog posts around four times a week. With a consistent publishing schedule, you get to stay on top of the latest marketing trends in the dental industry.

In summary

The best dental practice blogs offer great value to their readers by providing factual, well-researched content. Different blogs have different ways on how they deliver their message, so make sure to visit each blog to get as much information as you can.

There’s always something to learn in the dental industry. When you’re in a competitive landscape, having additional knowledge is always an advantage. Whether it be practice management or patient relationships, gathering wisdom from experienced dentists will only help you in your career.

Make sure to visit these top dental practice blogs so you can improve on your practice’s potential and expand your knowledge of the dental industry.

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