Product Launch Review: Real Need or Gimmick Product? 

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Video Transcript: 

Product Promo Video:

Every day around the world, it’s estimated that as many as 100 million people use a power drill in their job, for their hobby, or just around the house. And before they pull the trigger on that drill, every one of them asks the same question, “Am I drilling straight?” Up until now, this has been an intractable problem. A power drill alone just gives you a hole but it doesn’t allow you to always drill straight, or help you to solve the problem of accuracy. And that’s the reason why we invented Bullseye Bore Core. Bullseye Bore Core is a simple power drill accessory that mounts to the front of your drill chuck. It rotates with your drill, increases several easy-to-see circular patterns on the work surface. When the circles are aligned on the work surface the drill is straight. Just keep those circles aligned as you drill and you’ll always get a straight hole. It’s really that easy. At Bullseye Bore our team spent over 10 years developing the solution. And during that time we built and tested over 300 different prototypes. And Bullseye Bore Core was the final result. Bullseye Bore Core is small and it’s simple and easy to use. The core attaches to and works with thousands of Common commercial electric drills just like yours. It works in orientation and withdrawal or specialty bits up to 1/2 inch in diameter. And most importantly it’s super safe to use. Bullseye bore core will revolutionize drilling and we’re inviting you to participate in our product launch on Kickstarter. If you’re a homeowner, a do it yourself or DIY, a professional tradesman, a maker builder, woodworker, factory floor operator, or just somebody that loves good tech, we’ve got what your drill is missing. A simple solution that allows you to always drill straight. We invite you to join our Kickstarter campaign today. And remember drill holes are meant to be straight. If you got the drill [Promo video gets cut off]

Matt’s Review: 

Okay. That’s an interesting product. I’ve definitely done a lot of drilling in my day. So my first thought was, it creates these concentric circles but you still have to eyeball whether or not those 

circles are lined up. And this certainly makes it maybe easier than looking at the drill and trying to make sure that you’re set but you’re still eyeballing the circles. So that’s one issue. If I was thinking originally, you know, if you had a laser pointer that pointed the onto the hole that you wanted to drill but as soon as you put the drill head there and the drill bit there you’re not gonna see it anymore. So I can see the challenge of the solution that they’re trying to come up with. But something that maybe had a circle plus crosshairs or something so you didn’t have to quite eyeball it or something that gave you actually like a digital readout. Zero would mean you’re directly level and on target with 1 or minus 1 and you know goes it gives you some kind of more specific visual cue if you’re straight level than just trying to eyeball the circles instead of eyeballing the drill bit. That would be my first thought on that and the second thing is

not all holes really have to be straight, right? If you’re just drilling into drywall or something you really are just trying to make a hole and it’s definitely not a precision kind of drilling situation. If you’re trying to drill a very specific hole straight you’re using a drill press for precision holes. If you’re not using a drill press, if you’re just out in the wild drilling holes, then again the precision may not as critical as this tool would have you believe. So the application may not be as widespread as they’re thinking or the people who do drilling all the time might not feel like they need a tool like this cause their drilling is already pretty straight. But there could be a whole home improvement do-it-yourself sort of amateur market out there that would find some use in this tool. And it looks like they have already beaten their goal of raising 200 sorry 20,000 with 279,000. So looks like there’s definitely some interest. It’s an interesting product. I don’t think it’s gonna be as revolutionary and take over the market maybe as they’re suspecting or hoping. But I could definitely see some people deciding it’s a cool gadget to have and spending the money to get it. So we’ll see if it’s in Home Depot in the next couple of years, we’ll know that they came up with something cool.

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