Is This Wallet Revolutionary?

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In this series, we look at new products on the market and see if they are worth investing in. Think along the lines of Shark Tank, but with no real money involved just for fun. 

Video Transcript: 

Product Promo Video:

Person 1: Let’s start at the beginning. 

Person 2: It’s my wallet. It’s ruining my life. I finally got the courage to talk to her. I said hi, she said hi. Wow! I offer to pay for her cappuccino. Decline? Declined again. I couldn’t believe it. My money just disappeared. Then I dragged myself back to my car. And like an idiot, I dropped my key card down the drain. Later at the drive-thru, it was like a credit card avalanche. That’s when it went from bad to worse.

Person 1: Ooh, ouch. Sounds like your wallet needs an upgrade. I have 2 words for you Shuffle Wallets. 

Person 2: Shuffle Wallets? 

Person 1: Yes, this was me before Shuffle Wallets. It’s just so easy to use. Stylish and pact with features. Imagine this. With Shuffle, your personal information is safe with its built-in RFID protection. Plus, you have easy access to your most used cards with its Quick Draw slot that’s also, you guessed it, RFID protected. Its built-in NFC contact card lets you share your contact information with a single tab. Now that’s cool. With the silicone pouch, you can store and use everyday items like keycards. It fans open, making your cards accessible and secure. Plus, it looks fabulous. So, Steven, the only remaining question. Which color do you choose? 

Person 2: Thank you so much, doctor. 

Person 1:No problem. It’s what I do. Shuffle Wallet, available now on Kickstarter.

Matt’s Review:

Alright, Shuffle Wallet. Well, yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these before. So I’m not sure this is a super unique product. It’s a definitely a unique commercial take on it. I don’t know if, you know, you can really make the case that regular wallets cause injuries and accidents and lost dating opportunities. That all seems like kind of a stretch. They also didn’t show any place where you can actually put real cash in this wallet. It seems just like a cardholder. So, I mean, I don’t know, an okay concept, I guess. Not sure why this is something unique that the market needs, cause I’m almost positive that wallets just like this are already out there. That said, I mean, they’ve got 165 thousand dollars raised of their 25 thousand dollar goal. So there must be some people out there that thought this was a cool idea, that they needed to have. But yeah and not super compelling to me. I guess I’m still an old-school wallet person who’s managed to survive all these years without killing myself or you know not being able to get a date or running into people in the line at Starbucks drive-thru with my regular wallet. So I don’t know it’s not something I would be too excited about, but there’s people out there that seem to be. So I guess they’re onto something.

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