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Video Transcript: 

Products Promo Video:

Introducing Skyted. Make calls anywhere you want, stay connected in silence, no sound in, no voice out. The Skyted mask isn’t just a mask, it’s a technological marble with its jet engine-based tech, advanced acoustic absorption material. It is designed in collaboration with Airbus, Onera the French Aerospace Lab, and the European Space Agency. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our mask acts as an impenetrable barrier to external sounds absorbing up to 80% of the wearer’s voice. Even on your daily commute, Skyted makes all the difference. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and allows you to breathe in and out easily. Thanks to the Skyted app you can now control your sound bubble around you by easily calculating your perceptibility and intelligibility levels and tailoring it to burying degrees of privacy. “Friends we need to wrap up” “Yes, no problem I’m in a private place”. Don’t fear having your calls compromised as our voice protect feature protects you from eavesdropping by encrypting and silencing your conversation. Skyted allows you to take control of your auditory environment creating your ideal space for confidential conversations.

Matt’s Review: 

Alright, Skyted. I it had to make me laugh because right off the bat Skyted, this the name, the word to me sounds like “I had some bad tacos and I skyted accidentally. And I gotta go home and get new pants now.” That is what came to mind, maybe I’m juvenile and you know that’s not what other people think, but Skyted, I just think that could be a better name. 

Okay, that aside the concept of not sharing your cell phone calls with everybody around you would be awesome. It would be very cool to not have to listen to strangers yelling into their phone 5 feet away from you hearing their conversations which you know sometimes they should really be having in their privacy of their own home with whoever they’re talking to. But that doesn’t seem like they’re selling it that way. They’re not selling it as a courtesy to everyone else, they’re selling it as a way for I guess people not to be eavesdropping on your calls. And again it seems to me like if you don’t want people listening in on your calls maybe make them in a more private location rather than wearing a big bulky mask that sits on your face and only reduces 80% of your conversation. Doesn’t say it’s 100% soundproof it’s 80% so presumably if I really was an industrial spy and I wanted to hear what you were saying I could still stand close enough to you to catch the conversation. So I don’t know, I feel like if this came out in 2020 and conjunction with when everybody was wearing masks anyway you know that might have been better timing. Now when you know mask usage has fallen way off I don’t know. Now maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about cause it looks like you know the 8,800 dollar goal they had, they’ve already gotten 140,000 dollars pledged for this. So maybe there are a lot of people who Wanna put on a Darth Vader mask and be able to hide their cell conversation so maybe it will take off.

 I don’t I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t be eager to buy one. I try to spend less time on work calls not more and if I need to make them I try to find somewhere quiet so I can hear and I can hear what the person saying and I’m not distracting other people with my conversation. That’s just me but maybe a few years from now this thing will be the rage and everyone will be asking “hey have you gotten Skyted”. I don’t know but we’ll see what happens with this one. I’m not a buyer but maybe there are enough people are that this thing makes a lot of sense.

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