How to Use Instagram Reels for Brand Engagement

Very few apps understand the power of video content, and Instagram is one of them. As more and more people prefer short-form videos, the platform announced Instagram Reels to cater to the shifting preferences of consumers. This feature is a game-changer for businesses because it enables them to express their creativity and market their products/services more effectively.

If you’re looking to elevate your brand’s social media game, you may want to try out Instagram Reels to maximize brand engagement. This article will discuss what Instagram Reels is all about and how to incorporate it into your social media marketing strategies.

1. Create tutorials for your products

One of the best ways to use Instagram Reels is to create tutorial clips. After explaining the features/benefits of your product, you can showcase its functionality through well-timed video cuts compiled into a short Instagram Reel.

How-to videos help drive engagement to your page and attract potential buyers about the value of your brand’s offerings. For example, if you want to highlight a product’s specific use case, you can create a short tutorial to demonstrate its effectiveness.

You can also leverage tutorial videos through a social media takeover, where an influencer will gain temporary control over your brand to promote your products/services. Have the influencer create a quick how-to video to gain consumer trust and educate your audience about your products.

2. Tease customers with an upcoming product

Building hype around a product launch requires thorough planning and effort. To generate interest surrounding your new product, you can tease your customers through Instagram Reels. People are fascinated by mysteries, and revealing minute details about your product gets them hooked for more.

You want to make your teaser clips intriguing by incorporating language like:

  • “Save the date. A new product is coming!”
  • “Something big is brewing. Stay updated!”
  • “Stay tuned for an exciting release!”

As far as Instagram Reels go, you want to pair your clips with suspenseful music to build momentum. From there, it’s about getting customers hooked to the final countdown until your product’s big reveal.

3. Highlight feedback from customers

Customers are always looking for reviews and feedback as part of social proof. Thankfully, you can reinforce the trust factor and establish your brand’s credibility by using Instagram Reels to highlight feedback from previous buyers.

Compile screenshots of customer reviews and turn them into short clips. This strategy works great for lowering sales barriers and allowing customers to form a positive opinion of your products/services. You can even incorporate user-generated content (UGC) in your Instagram Reels to add a layer of authenticity to your brand.

Instagram Reels
Show your brand’s creativity using Instagram Reels to capture the attention of your audience.

4. Create listicles to showcase your product

Listicle-type videos make for excellent Instagram Reels, as it lets you highlight your products in a fun, delightful approach. For example, if you sell a hair straightener, you can create an Instagram Reel that shows how to style hair in five different ways.

You can also create listicles to showcase the versatility of your products. Create a list of features, benefits, or applications that your product is capable of, and relay that information into a short clip to maximize engagement and draw your audience’s attention.

5. Take your followers behind-the-scenes

Customers love when brands pull back the curtain and give them a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes footage. Whether it’s a short clip on customizing your packages or scheduling content to post on social media, these types of Instagram Reels will surely pique the interest of your target audience.

Adding a layer of relatability makes sense if you want to boost brand engagement, as customers will know what it’s like to run a business behind closed doors. Next time you find yourself packing an order or planning content for your social media pages, pull out your phone and start recording. After that, you can string the clips and turn them into an Instagram Reel worth watching.

6. Hop on the latest trends

Instagram is known for setting trends, and what better way to maximize engagement than staying in the now and posting relevant content? Trend-driven Instagram Reels provide a serious boost in brand engagement as it makes your brand more discoverable to users.

While it’s not an evergreen strategy to hop on to every trend, you want to stay on top of relevant trends that your audience will find engaging (or humorous). Doing so allows you to connect with new users and grow your followers on social media. You can take inspiration from other brands on how they execute their viral clips and add your own flair to make them stand out.

7. Share before and after videos

If you offer remodeling services or anything similar, sharing before and after videos can help boost your brand’s engagement. These types of Instagram Reels feel satisfying to watch from a user’s perspective and give your audience realistic expectations about your services.

You don’t have to dramatize the transformation to get your audience hooked; you just have to show meaningful improvements. The last thing you want is to create a false sense of hope and let your customers down when they finally avail of your services.

8. Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do your customers have concerns about the quality of your product? Or do they want to learn more about the services you provide? To alleviate their worries, you can create an Instagram Reel addressing the most frequently asked questions your audience has. Look to your DMs and comments to identify customer concerns and provide detailed answers through short-form videos.

The good thing about answering FAQs is people are already interested in the information you’re about to share. This means more views and engagement for your page!


Instagram Reels is an excellent tool that allows brands to connect more with their audience and retain them through creative content. There are many ways you can leverage Instagram Reels to your advantage, and hopefully, this article gives you an idea of how to boost brand engagement using this feature.

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