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CapForge Partnership Evaluation Guide

Are you thinking about taking on a partner? Make sure you, and they, are a good fit. Lots of businesses have failed for no other reason than that the partners couldn’t make it work and a ton of money, effort and hard work go down the drain as a result.

Use this guide to figure out how to find a good partner, evaluate them (and your fit with them) before anything is on the line and create a strong, well informed partnership from the beginning.

The time invested on this will be some of the best you spend on your new business.

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Social Media Tool Review

Social Media TRI have exploded my twitter account with this tool, and I haven’t even paid for it yet! It is completely hands off, gets you totally legit followers and it is a whitehat tool that is very easy to set up and “use”. Check it out and if you aren’t using it yet you should be.

If you aren’t on twitter yet, you should be. I thought it was BS too, until I landed a few thousand dollars worth of clients from a single connection. Now I take a lot more seriously!

Social Media TR