Can You Really Earn $6K/Month for Just $1?

There are tons of people out on social media giving business advice. Some of it is good advice, but most of it isn’t good. In this new series watch CapForge’s owner react to different advice videos. He’s an expert in all things business and has 20+ years of experience under his belt. Some of the things he reacts to might even surprise you!

CapForge Founder and Owner Matt Remuzzi reacts to business advice being shared on the internet. In this video, he starts by tackling the idea that someone can spend just $1 and earn 6K per month!

Video Transcript: 

Business Advice Video:

I went to Shopify. And Shopify has a deal where you can start your own store for just $1. After that, you find a viral product on TikTok. After that, you create viral TikTok videos three times a day and watch those sales come in.

Matt’s Reaction: 

Uhuh. Okay. So yay, Shopify has a deal. You can start your Shopify store for one dollar. But if being able to start with one dollar but not whatever they normally charge per month 19.95 or 39.95 or whatever. If that’s the main thing holding you up from being able to start your business, I’m going to say you probably don’t have enough money to really launch this business anyway. Because the part that he took 2 seconds to say, find a viral product, leaves out a ton of parts of the business that you’re going to have to actually worry about doing. So yes, find a product that’s viral that people are buying, but also that you can get that’s also different than the viral product you already found that other people are buying from whoever’s already selling it, which is where you found it in the first place. And then you’ve got to spend the money to buy the inventory to have the product. Or if you’re doing drop shipping, at least get all that set up, but then if you’re drop shipping it, you don’t have much control over the price or how much you’re going to make from it. So it’s an awesome video in the 30 seconds that it runs for suggesting starting a business, but it’s so thin on details and leaves out the key part of any ecommerce business, which is finding the right product and making your product different from, better than, or a good alternative to all the other ones selling that are just like it. That it is ridiculously oversimplified to the point where obviously this is not a viable thing to do at all from this presentation.

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