Business Buyer In Depth Webinar Training-

Buy a Cash Cow Business the Smart Way!


We have a lot of business owners and potential business owners who are considering buying a business as their next venture. Since this is something I’ve personally done, as well as worked through literally hundreds of sales with clients as a buyer’s coach, seller’s coach and as the actual business broker, I think I can help – a lot!

Buying an existing business is a good way to put some capital to work, usually with a good deal of leverage, to get into an immediate existing cashflow position, where you can then take the business to the next level and either then put management in place to run it absentee, or else sell it for a nice gain and repeat the process.

But there are plenty of pitfalls along the way and truly good deals are hard to find amongst all the garbage out there to sort through!

It’s a pretty in depth subject, so I am breaking it up into 6 sessions:

  1. Deciding what to buy (even if you think you know, this is the most critical decision there is!) – Nov 9
  2. Finding the deals – Nov 16
  3. Financing the purchase and crafting LOIs and Purchase Agreements – Nov 23
  4. Financial Due Diligence – Nov 30
  5. Operational Due Diligence – Dec 7
  6. Closing the deal and transitioning to ownership – Dec 14

Each one will run about 40-45 minutes for the presentation and then I’ll stick around for at least 20 minutes of Q&A, more if I can! For ones I don’t get to, email follow up is available.

They will run every Wednesday at 9am Pacific Time starting Nov 9nd and running through Dec 14th. If you miss one, or more, they will be recorded and you will be able to access the recordings.

I am also going to work on adding some templates, checklists, spreadsheets, etc. as we go along that will help support the effort.

​My initial thought was to give this away for free, but people tend not to value free much. And I’d rather present to four people who care than a hundred people who just came because it was free! So after a lot of consideration, I priced it at $299 ($99 for the first ten people) ($149 for sign ups 11-20) $199 for sign ups 21-30. This is a complete steal, but it’s enough that we hopefully will avoid time wasters. Once we hit ten twenty people, I was going to go back to my original price, but it happened so fast and I still want to give a break to those who get in early. If you click the button below and it’s at $299, then you waited too long but you’re still getting a ton of value for a tiny investment. 🙂 

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If you’d like to sign up here is the payment link: 

As soon as you pay, it takes you to the web page to get the Zoom link (if you have any issues, email me can I can get it sorted for you). I look forward to seeing you there!