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Agency owners know the challenges of running an insurance firm all too well. You’ve got policy renewals to handle, client relationships to maintain, and a whole staff to oversee. Not to mention growing the agency itself and looking for ways to generate more revenue. Staying organized is difficult for agency owners, but thankfully, they can lean onto insurance agency management software to help lighten the workload.

Insurance agency management software is a tool that lets agency owners automate tasks, simplify internal communication, and streamline operations for more efficient work. It’s a lifesaver for any agency owner looking to scale their business to the next level.

If you’re looking for the best insurance agency management software, you came to the right place. This article will discuss the best software available to help you save time, money, and resources in growing your business.

Why use an insurance agency management software?

There’s more to an insurance agency management software than just simplifying your daily workloads. Having the right software makes it easier for your staff to fulfill their responsibilities while minimizing costly errors. Some of the well-known advantages of using an insurance agency management software are:

1. Enhance employee productivity

Imagine having software that provides the exact information you want when you need it. An insurance agency management software is superior at storing documents than any physical filing solution because it centralizes all the data and prevents loss of information. Your agents can access important documents and papers in just a few clicks, ensuring they obtain the right data at the right time.

According to Business2community, employee productivity drops to 40% when someone multitasks. You can mitigate this by automating mundane tasks and allowing your staff to focus on more important duties. Find the right software that works best with your staff, and watch how they can get tasks done in record time.

2. Deliver a superior client experience

The insurance industry is heavily people-based, and your clients expect a tailor-made experience that suits their needs and preferences. You want to continue providing exceptional service to your clients, and this is where an insurance agency management system truly delivers.

You can improve the client experience by providing accurate quotations, generating swift responses, and navigating them through insurance claims without any issues. Not only that but c communicating with clients is much easier when done through dedicated software. Positive interactions can go a long way towards building a reputable agency your clients can trust.

3. Automate your marketing efforts

As an agency owner, you know that marketing is key to generating revenue for your insurance firm. Without it, you’ll find it difficult to attract new clients and grow your business. But most agency owners don’t have the time to fully implement marketing campaigns as they’re busy selling insurance products.

Thankfully, insurance agency management software can aid you in promoting your business. You can set up and schedule your email marketing campaigns, utilize chatbots to respond to inquiries, and maintain communication with existing clients. You can also upsell and cross-sell insurance products which can help boost revenue and build client engagement.

What is the best insurance agency management software available?

Owners have plenty of choices when it comes to insurance agency management software. But not all of them are created equal, and they all come with a wide range of features. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve narrowed down the best software tool available.

1. Applied Epic

Applied Epic is one of the most recognized software developers for insurance agencies. Their solutions are tailor-made to enhance visibility across your insurance agency and ensure you’re making sound, data-driven decisions.

Policy management is one of the key features of Applied Epic, as it gives you real-time access to policy information. The software makes back-office work quick and easy, thus enabling your staff to provide timely and accurate service.

applied epic insurance agency management software

With in-depth reporting and analytics, you can acquire insightful data to improve employee performance and highlight the most profitable client/insurer relationships. Given that the software is cloud-based, each team member can access it anytime, anywhere. Applying Epic is worth looking at if you’re looking for a well-rounded insurance agency management software.

2. Vertafore AMS 360

Vertafore’s AMS 360 is a cloud-based software that focuses on helping insurance agencies scale their business to new heights. The main features of AMS 360 are document management, workflow optimization, automatic renewal alerts, and carrier connection.

Both small and large insurance agencies will benefit greatly from Vertafore’s software. It has all the tools you need to automate your tasks, keep track of important KPIs, and maintain strong communication with your clients. The software’s insurance solutions also help cut on time spent on finance, thus ensuring your accounting is always accurate.

ams 360 insurance agency management software

Vertafore’s MarketTrends is a nifty analytic tool that offers powerful insights on marketing data, allowing you to form effective proposals and take advantage of unique cross-selling opportunities. Any insurance agency owner looking to step up their business operations will find AMS 360 a solid choice.

3. Connecteam

Connecteam’s strengths lie in its automation abilities and agency management tools. The software offers highly customizable reports, audits, and forms, thus enabling your agents to obtain the necessary documents instantly. Connecteam is ideal for large insurance firms as it allows you to communicate with your workforce no matter where they are.

Connecteam’s list of features includes timesheet and payroll management, employee scheduling, digital forms and checklists, and automated notifications. Considering that insurance agents spend more time outside the agency, the software’s staff-centric solutions ensure that your team members work on the most important tasks day in and day out.

connecteam insurance agency management software

The success of an insurance agency lies in your ability to lead your team. If you want to manage your staff effectively, then this software is the one for you.

4. BriteCore

When searching for an insurance agency management software, you want a tool that comes with modern features. That’s what BriteCore is; a modern take on insurance management that comes with everything an insurer needs. The software supports end-to-end claims processes, allowing you to issue payments, monitor losses, and even upload reports or files.

Policy management is also one of BriteCore’s strong suits. The software supports the automation of client applications and policy renewals that cater to your preferred risk tolerance. BriteCore supports data pre-fills for fast underwriting speeds to automate the policy process further.

britecore insurance agency management software


The software also comes with a detailed diary and audit log that enables underwriters to attach notes or reminders on policies. A notification system ensures that you are on track with the next policy renewal or claim.

Overall, BriteCore’s well-rounded features make it a worthy addition to any insurance agency looking for software to solve daily business challenges with ease.

5. Jenesis Software

Just like Applied Epic, Jenesis Software is well-known in the insurance industry. They’ve been around since 1999, so it’s safe to say they have the experience and expertise in building a reliable software solution for insurance agencies.

jenesis insurance agency management software

Jenesis streamlines daily operations with email integration, automated email marketing, and client portal features. One highlight of the software is its commission tracking tool that lets you set up commission percentages that you receive from a company.

You can also customize reports about your agency’s production, source of business, renewals, and more. Most importantly, Jenesis supports direct carrier downloads from major insurance carriers in the U.S., thus ensuring you’re always up to date on policies.

In summary

When choosing the best insurance agency management software, you need to consider the essential features that your business needs. Some tools are better at marketing automation, while others are more suited for streamlining daily tasks. Our recommendation would be to try out different software to get a good feel for their functionality and ease of use.

Most software companies offer demos that allow you to explore their product’s features. Read customer reviews online and see what they say about your chosen software. That way, you’ll know what to expect, and you can determine if the product is a good fit for your insurance agency.

Regardless of which insurance agency management you choose, know that it will benefit your insurance firm in more ways than one.

Maintaining the financial health of your insurance agency is essential for profitability. If your business needs expert bookkeeping services, our team is here to help. Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.



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