Adding Additional Services

If you are already a client with CapForge, here are some additional services you may want to add:

Weekly Bookkeeping

We can enter all transactions each week instead of once a month. If you need to more regularly review your financial performance and want to see a weekly report and updated results, just let us know! In terms of price, the general cost to upgrade to weekly bookkeeping is 1.5X the monthly cost.

Income Tax Strategy and Filing

We can file your business and your personal income taxes for you, in any state (or multi-state) as needed. In addition to preparing and filing the returns, we will review your tax situation, suggest strategies to help reduce your tax liability and otherwise optimize your set up. We can also advise on taxable events such as buying a vehicle or property, selling a business, adding or buying out a partner and any other event you’d like to discuss.

Payroll Service

We can provide full service payroll for up to 10 employees, including filing all the paperwork, making the state and federal tax payments, providing direct deposit for employees, year end W2s and tracking vacation pay, sick pay, etc.

1099 Filing

For anyone paid $600 or more in a calendar year for services, you are obligated by the IRS to issue them a 1099. We can assist with compiling a list of vendors who fit the criteria and filing the required form with the IRS.

Sales Tax Filing

If you sell physical goods in your home state, or meet other select criteria selling in other states, you may have an obligation to register and pay sales tax. We can assist with this process and make sure you are paying on time and per the requirements of each state.