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Inventory Cost Tracking Service

Get the Most Accurate Cost of Goods Sold Value Every Month With the Least Time and Effort!

Up until now your choices for tracking and calculating the cost of your inventory were pretty much do it yourself with a spreadsheet and a lot of time, or buy inventory tracking software and still do a lot of it yourself and still spend a lot of time!

Now you have another choice - CapForge's Inventory Cost Tracking Service.

All you have to do is upload each new invoice when you make a product purchase, along with the associated shipping invoice for that order. We do the rest!

We will keep track of the landed cost per unit and use that value in your monthly bookkeeping each month. You will get extremely accurate and timely data on the real cost of your inventory as it ebbs and flows from order point to sale.

Here are just some of the things we take care of for you:

  • Cost tracking by unit and landed costs
  • Tracking by FIFO (first in, first out) rather than using an average cost over time
  • Allocating shipping costs across multi product deliveries
  • Tracking costs across multiple sales platforms
  • Tracking reorder points
  • Tracking lost units and inventory shrinkage
  • Tracking Sellable/Unsellable returns so COGS aren't over or under counted
  • Tracking Reimbursements / Inventory Credits and adding that back to your COGS cost
  • Calculating Gross Profit per SKU on a continually updated basis
  • Amazon Fee Optimization Suggestions for low inventory and oversupply
  • 3PL cost inclusion
  • Help on optimizing inventory mix
  • Kitting and bundling tracking options available

Now you can hand off this time consuming process to the spreadsheet pros.

No extra software to buy or integrations to worry about! 

Price is a fixed flat fee per month starting at just $149/month with no contract required. Price is based on number of SKUs and NOT transaction volume like most inventory software solutions. 

Add Inventory Cost Tracking to your CapForge Bookkeeping service today and take on more time consuming, stressful and pain in the neck task off your hands.

Still Have Questions? Give us a call at 858-633-3573 or send us an email info@capforge.com!

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100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you use our service and at the end of any month you aren’t completely satisfied with our work and what we offered then we don’t want your money and will cheerfully refund your last payment, no hard feelings. We feel THAT strongly that we can and will do a great job on your books and we are willing to take all the risk!

Want To Work With Us? Have Questions?

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Never worked with a bookkeeper who didn’t come and sit in the office? Do you have some other situation that doesn’t quite fit the “norm”? No problem! Give us a call. The consultation is always free. We look forward to working with you!