You know how to train hard, motivate the people in your box and run a tight ship.

But when it comes to doing the bookkeeping, do you feel out of your depth? In over your head?

A little like a baby seal?

Bookkeeping Seal and Shark

Well, we can help with that.

We understand your business and we work businesses just like yours every day (we do the books at SealFit for Coach Divine, for example).

What we offer CrossFit clients:

  • Fixed, flat rate per month pricing. Most gyms are at $90 a month. Or less.
  • No set up fee.
  • Month to month contracts – if you don’t love us, leave us!
  • Over 50+ 5 star client reviews
  • Every job is custom fit to your needs and your particular situation
  • Need payroll? We can do that, too.
  • Need 1099 tracking and filing? We can do that.
If you are struggling to keep up with the books yourself, give us a call. Or if you aren’t keeping the books. Or if the person who is has fallen behind, is hard to work with, charges too much or you just want a second opinion, give us a call. If we can’t help, no loss. But we probably can help. And we are very likely going to do a lot better job, for less, more consistently and with less hassle then whatever you are doing now.

Give me a call (858-633-3573) or send me an email (info@capforge.com). I look forward to hearing from you!

Matt Owner, CapForge Bookkeeping