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ET-1 Making Money Online w/ Zac Johnson

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In the premier episode of Entrepreneur Talk I chatted with Zac Johnson of and

Zac is someone who I’ve seen over the years of being an online entrepreneur every time I wandered down the road of thinking about affiliate marketing. He’s be doing it since he was in high school and the early days of the Amazon affiliate program, which was basically the dawn of making money online.

I never actually got into doing affiliate marketing but I know lots and lots of people do really well with it. You have to treat it like a business, like anything else you want to be successful at, but I can say for sure I have two clients who work in that realm, one who is doing six figures and one who is doing eight figures (!!) in sales.

So yeah, it can be big. And according to Zac, you can get started just fine with $500-$1000- which is a very doable amount for just about anyone to work with. And if even if that sounds like too much, you can start with less.

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